Carbon Group are moving forward on a digital path to ensure the prompt and secure delivery of your documents.

Our Virtual Cabinet allows you to receive, review, sign and return documents digitally in a secure and timely manner. You can use the portal on any device with internet and email connection e.g. smart phone, iPad, laptop and computer.

Documents sent to you through the portal are signed using a “digital signature”. The digital signature is as simple as ticking a box to say that you either accept or decline the document. It is fully encrypted using the very latest AES-2356 bit encryption which is completely secure and traceable. It is now accepted in law that this form of digital signature is legally binding and will be confirmed if challenged in a court of law.

This will eliminate the need to return the original signed documents, and as soon as we receive your digitally signed document, we can proceed with the lodgement process.

Any documents sent to you through the portal can be downloaded for your records. Documents will remain on your portal account for a 12 month period, should you need to access the documents in the future.

Your Choice

It is your choice on how you wish to receive your documents – digitally or paper. If the digital option is your preference, a separate email address will be required for each individual wanting to have access to the portal. You may need to set up a new email account if you do not already have two separate email addresses.

If you have any queries in relation to our Virtual Cabinet, please contact our office.