At Carbon, we prioritise growth, both for our clients and our Carbonites. The opportunity for Rowena Rowland to step into the role of Accounting & Tax Partner at our Gawler office is a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent from within. Rowena’s journey from Client Manager to Partner showcases the opportunities we offer dedicated and passionate Carbonites looking to advance their careers.

Rowena Rowland: From Client Manager to Accounting & Tax Partner

Rowena joined Carbon Gawler in April 2023 as a Client Manager, bringing with her 11 years of industry experience. Her career began at a small firm in northern Adelaide, where she developed a strong foundation in accounting. After two years she moved to a mid-tier firm, enhancing her compliance skills and tax knowledge.

In search of more client-facing roles, Rowena transitioned to a boutique firm, where she focused on working closely with small businesses. Her passion for numbers and helping people drove her to join Carbon, where she aimed to support small businesses within her local community.

“Rowena’s passion for helping small businesses grow and her dedication to her clients make her an invaluable addition to our team,” said Peter Caddy, Gawler Accounting & Tax Partner. “Her expertise and commitment to excellence align perfectly with Carbon’s values.”

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Rowena holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting and is a Chartered Accountant (CA). She also has a Certificate of Public Practice and is a Registered Tax Agent. Her expertise spans various industries including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), trades, land development and primary production/agriculture.

“From my early days in accounting, I’ve always loved working with numbers and helping people,” said Rowena. “My favourite part of the industry is using my experience and knowledge to help small businesses grow and understand their own operations.”

Strengthening our Gawler Office

The growth of our Gawler office reflects our commitment to providing high-level expertise and service to our clients. With Rowena stepping into the role of Accounting & Tax Partner, we are confident in our ability to enhance the excellent work already being done by existing partners, Peter Caddy and Hans van Heuven, who joined and launched the Gawler office after the partnership with Symes Accountants.

“Rowena’s new role is a significant milestone for Carbon Gawler. Her leadership will drive the continued success of our office, fostering strong client relationships and delivering exceptional service,” said Peter Caddy. “Together, we aim to further strengthen our support for the local business community.”

We take pride in our team’s ability to understand and address the unique challenges faced by small businesses, helping them thrive in a competitive market.

Fostering Growth Within Carbon Group

Rowena embodies Carbon’s core values of growth, dedication and delivering proactive and tailored solutions to clients. “Stepping up to a Partner role at Carbon is a dream come true. I’m excited to make an even greater difference for our clients and the team,” said Rowena.

Her journey from Client Manager to Partner reflects Carbon’s philosophy of fostering talent and providing avenues for growth within the company. As she joins Peter and Hans in leading our Gawler office towards greater success, Carbon remains proud and confident in our commitment to quality service and continuous growth.

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