Start-up investments

Turn brilliant entrepreneurial ideas into a brilliant business.

Have you got an amazing business idea, but wish you had guidance on how to bring it to life? Carbon Group can help.

We understand the challenges and process you’re going through, and the passion you feel about successfully launching your business. How do we know? Because we have walked the path you’re on.

One of the key things that entrepreneurs can benefit from is being surrounded by mentors who understand the daily challenges and various knock backs that start-up business owners go through. Carbon Group is the single destination for business owners to access the core services you need to grow your business, increase profitability, minimise tax, and ultimately: Succeed.

We’re excited by the opportunity to form strong relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and join you on your journey to achieve business success. We know capital is tight in the early days and for the right opportunities we are willing to exchange a selection of our services for equity (sweat equity). Having equity in your business means we are hungry to see success as much as you are, so we’re there with you every step of the way on your business journey.

We’re always excited to hear fresh ideas with high growth potential, so if you think your business idea ticks those boxes, we’d love to hear your pitch.

Got a great idea?We'd love to hear it.

We are on the look out for different opportunities, including:
• Those with a valuation lower than $2m,
• Investments where we have an opportunity to take on at least 5% of equity,
• Opportunities to offer value through services, mentoring or board representation.

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Here are some of the exciting ventures in our investment portfolio

Cake Equity

Cake Equity assists start-ups and small to medium sized companies with their equity whether to raise their capital, set up employee share schemes or manage their investors, in a simplified way.

Life Ready Physio & Pilates

Life Ready Physio & Pilates started in Perth and has now grown into a national brand with more than 20 locations in Australia, with a passion to provide the best quality of life for their clients.


1Question creates micro learning moments for your child during their daily engagement with devices by making it a requirement to answer one curriculum based question to gain access to other apps.

Kommunity Brew Kombucha

Making Australia’s freshest kombucha, probiotic sparkling water and water kefir on tap and bottled. Created to improve Australia’s drinking culture and to provide a healthy balance.


Advanced Machine Laboratory or AMLAB’s principal technology is machine control software and 3D technology for ship control cranes to eliminate human error and maximise safety.


An in-house social media app and marketing platform designed to improve sales, grow audiences and increase brand engagement. Instead of focusing on likes, they focus on business metrics to drive growth.

National Currency Exchange

NCX is a platform for investors, traders and everyday Australians buy and sell cryptocurrency with peace of mind that their funds and digital assets are being stored locally within Australia.

MediCann Health

MediCann Health is an Australian company that is focused on providing safe, standardised, science-backed and affordable medicinal cannabis to patients both in Australia and internationally.

Here are some of the early-stage companies our partners have invested in


With a mission to create a greener economy in South Africa, BotsGas is an Australian oil and gas exploration and development company focused on natural gas opportunities in Botswana.


Bunsters, Australia’s favourite hot sauce is full of flavour and will take your meals to the next level. Each bottle has 11 different kinds of fruit and veggies making it not only tasty but healthy.


PictureWealth have blended professional human knowledge and the digital world by providing access to financial experts in wealth and insurance to help clients understand and manage their money.


Protect your 4×4’s paintwork with Rhinohide’s fully reusable paintwork body armour. Designed for both on and off-road, the body armour uses high-strength magnets to attach to your vehicle’s exterior.

Rookies Ambush

Collaborating with talent around the world, Rookies Ambush is a content production company providing global audiences with stories they connect with and feel compelled to share.

Vital Trace

Developing advanced medical technology for new solutions in fetal monitoring to bring innovative and fresh solutions to the field of obstetrics globally.


Revolutionising the standards in dermatology, Australian-based healthcare company, Xerion Limited, focuses on the development of diagnostics and innovative therapies.

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    Carbon Group have been an awesome investment to our business. Their staff are super friendly and extremely helpful and their knowledge in cost savings first class.

    Waterwise Landscaping

    Carbon have assisted us to become more in touch with our business' progress as it has grown and developed.

    The House of Honey

    Our experience with Carbon has been fantastic. Our bookkeeping costs are the same each week which is great as we were hourly before and the fluctuation was hard to track.

    Cherratta Lodge

    I have confidence in Carbon to complete our work to a high standard and deliver work on time.

    Capital Brewing Co

    Since starting with Carbon Group, not only do I have a much better overall understanding of my business, but more free time to actually carry out the work required.

    Edwards Electrical and Solar

    We have been impressed with Carbon ever since we changed over. We love how there is a seamless integration of the accounting department and the bookkeeping departments.

    Compose Photography

    Carbon is an integral part of our support network for achieving our organisation’s mission. We continually receive knowledgeable, timely and generous assistance from both the bookkeeping team.

    Erin, Perth City Farm

    Fantastic serves, staff and very friendly. I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting a great accountant.

    Sam Madden

    Carbon Group are an amazing company and they certainly know what they're doing. Great staff, friendly and prompt service. I will recommend them to anyone!

    Nick Jones

    Carbon Group has helped reduced our bookkeeping and accounting costs by 50%

    Waterwise Landscaping
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