About HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth

HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth offers essential outsourced HR services for small to medium-sized enterprises in Western Australia. Established in 2017 by Pia Engstrom, the firm provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house HR departments, with a full range of services from recruitment to contracts and handbooks, and redundancy. As the only outsourced HR franchise in Australia, the HR Dept, under Pia’s leadership as both franchisee and franchisor, required specialised accounting and bookkeeping expertise to handle their complex financial needs.

The Challenge

Operating in dual roles within the franchise model, HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth faces intricate financial and bookkeeping challenges that demand a high level of expertise from an experienced franchise accountant in Perth. The primary goals include streamlining financial processes, ensuring compliance with legal and financial regulations, and protecting personal assets while maintaining operational efficiency.

These challenges are addressed through:

Comprehensive Transaction and Reporting Management

Ensuring accurate and compliant handling of inter-entity transactions such as franchise fees, royalties, and shared services. This involves consolidating financial outcomes from both franchisor and individual franchise outlets into a single report, which is essential for transparent reporting and strategic decision-making. Adherence to the specific terms of franchise agreements, including detailed financial reporting and royalty metrics, is also crucial to avoid legal issues.

Tax and Financial Compliance

Managing diverse and complex tax obligations that vary between the franchisor and franchisee operations, including GST, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes, to ensure full compliance and avoid penalties.

Strategic Financial Oversight and Reviews

Crafting and implementing financial strategies that support both the growth of the franchise network and the success of individual outlets, involving budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. Regular reviews are conducted to verify financial record accuracy and compliance with accounting standards, aiding in the identification of inefficiencies or non-compliance.

Data Management and System Integration

Ensuring robust management and integration of financial data from various sources, crucial for accurate reporting and informed decision-making across the franchise network.

How Carbon Helped

Carbon Swan Valley, a leader in comprehensive accounting services in Perth, provided a customised solution to meet the complex needs of HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth:

Enhanced Accounting Systems

Implementing state-of-the-art accounting practices, Carbon optimised financial reporting and compliance, crucial for managing the intricacies of franchise operations. This included streamlined handling of inter-entity transactions and consolidated financial reporting to enhance transparency and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Asset Protection Strategies

Recognising the importance of safeguarding personal assets, our accountants introduced strategic financial planning measures. These measures effectively separated personal assets from business liabilities, enhancing financial security and risk management within the franchise structure.

Tax and Financial Compliance

Carbon managed the diverse and complex tax obligations specific to both the franchisor and franchisee operations, ensuring full compliance with GST, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes to avoid any potential penalties.

Strategic Financial Guidance

We provided strategic financial oversight through detailed budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. Regular reviews were conducted to verify the accuracy of financial records and ensure compliance with accounting standards, identifying inefficiencies or non-compliance areas.

Data Management and System Integration

We implemented robust systems to integrate and manage financial data from various sources, ensuring accuracy and security across the franchise network, which is crucial for informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

Referral Network Support

Beyond accounting, Carbon facilitated growth for HR Dept through strategic referral partnerships, enriching both client bases and supporting local business ecosystems. This approach not only boosted HR Dept’s visibility but also enhanced its community engagement and business prospects.

Through these initiatives, Carbon Swan Valley not only addressed the specific accounting challenges faced by HR Dept but also contributed to its broader business strategy, fostering a robust environment for growth and success.


This partnership showcases Carbon Swan Valley’s expertise as a franchise accountant in Perth, offering more than just accounting services but also a collaborative approach to business growth and network expansion. HR Dept’s financial framework has been transformed, enhancing both operational efficiency and strategic development.

Partnering with Carbon has not only streamlined our financial processes but also significantly expanded our network through valuable partnerships, reinforcing the strength of community in business growth.

Pia Engstrom
Founder, HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth