About Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic

Founded in 2001, Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic has established itself as a specialist in foot and ankle care. Now led by Podiatric Surgeon, Dr Twalumba Nkwilimba, Canning Vale Podiatry caters to a diverse range of patients, from children to athletes and the elderly. Known for advanced treatments like podiatric surgery and Low Laser Light Therapy, the clinic stands out for its commitment to evidence-based and patient-focused care.

“When the opportunity to purchase Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic in 2020 came up, I seized the opportunity,” says Dr Twalumba Nkwilimba. At the time Twalumba was completing a Postgraduate Doctor of Clinical Podiatry from the University of Western Australia. “I had worked at the clinic as a general podiatrist for eight years. So transitioning from general podiatry to podiatric surgery at an established podiatry practice that I already had ties to was a no-brainer.”

The Challenge

Taking over an established business often comes with the assumption that it’s easier than starting from scratch. However, this isn’t always the case. While there are advantages such as an existing customer base and established operations, there are also unique challenges. These can include understanding and integrating into the existing business culture, managing pre-existing staff and client expectations, addressing any legacy issues and making your mark as the new owner while maintaining the business’ core values and strengths. Adapting to and overcoming these challenges is key to a successful transition.

As a new business owner, particularly a young female businesswoman in a specialised field, Twalumba recognised the importance of not spreading herself too thin. She knew that trying to juggle every aspect of the business could lead to burnout and potentially compromise both her well-being and the clinic’s success. Her expertise as a foot and ankle specialist was her strength and focusing on her clinical skills, while someone helped with the business side of things, would ensure the best care for her patients and the overall success of her clinic.

This understanding led her to engage with Carbon, specifically seeking the expertise of our Accounting & Tax Partner Matthew Vaughan-Davies, who has a deep connection to the healthcare industry. With over 11 years of experience and a family background in the medical field, Matt brought not only technical accounting expertise but also an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare sector. His experience and insight were crucial in providing the tailored support and guidance Twalumba needed.

How Carbon Helped

Carbon’s involvement meant Twalumba could focus more on her patients and less on financial management. “I’ve been working with Matt since January 2021 and his involvement has been great for the clinic’s growth. Not only has his understanding of my vision and goals been instrumental in driving our success but it also gives me peace of mind knowing that I can trust him with the business side of things,” says Twalumba.

Matt has always offered a holistic approach to his clients, focusing not just on the numbers but on the overall well-being of the business. His approach was no different when it came to Twalumba and Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic. Matt provided strategic advice on business structuring, tax planning and streamlining operational processes that were specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry.

With Carbon’s support, Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic has achieved significant milestones including expanding to a new purpose-built clinic and introducing podiatric surgery services. Aside from helping Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic with their accounting and business needs, Matt also connected Twalumba with business bankers and incentive programs.

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Are you a medical professional looking to grow your practice? Experience the difference with Carbon tailored accounting and tax services. Just like we helped Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic flourish, we can guide your practice towards greater financial health and growth. With our deep understanding of the healthcare industry, you can trust us to manage the financial side while you focus on patient care.

 Engaging Carbon and having Matthew
Vaughan-Davies as my accountant was
one of the best decisions I made for my

Dr Twalumba Nkwilimba
Podiatric Surgeon and Owner, Canning Vale Podiatry Clinic