Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software Integrated With Xero

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Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

We help businesses by implementing productivity and efficiency solutions designed to improve all sorts of daily operations. We work with our clients to identify challenges and tailor the best solutions using leading technology that is scalable to business growth and adaptable to existing business processes.
Many businesses sell things, products, goods, things. Tracking these things is crucial to maintain control of the business in terms of minimising waste and making sure there are enough products available for sale. Helping businesses gain control of their inventory is something we do very well by implementing the right systems. We help all sorts of different Perth businesses with their inventory management in sectors including Furniture, Outdoor and Sporting Goods, Clothing and General Retail and we are capable of helping any business that sells any sort of product. Some of the inventory-related problems our team are very good at fixing include:
  • Too much inventory going to waste
  • Not enough inventory and losing sales
  • We find some businesses that are not tracking inventory at all
  • They are busy selling product and not keeping an eye on inventory levels
We work closely with business owners to make sure our team have a complete understanding of the business, from short to long term goals, business purpose and positioning, marketing and attracting customers, the staff and their efficiency and finding out how performance is measured and improved.
Features and Benefits

Make better purchasing decisions to allow your business to stay competitive and profitable.

Purchase History and Costs
Access historical information about your purchases and costs. We help you record your entire purchase history to put you in control when making decisions regarding your suppliers. You’ll gain the ability to work out the suppliers that deliver the best value and biggest profit to help make sure you never operate at a loss.
Barcode Scanning
Take advantage of a barcode scanner when processing inventory, receiving inventory in your warehouse, performing pick or a stocktake.
Reorder and Backorder
While you’re busy selling your products it’s easy to let them run out. We can help with systems that automate the reordering process once stock have fallen below a minimum level
Consolidate sales from all channels and track customer orders from quote, to pick, pack and shipment. Flexible functionality allows you to split orders for partial shipment or create backorders to help ensure lose less sales.
Centralised order tracking
Keeping track of all orders from e-commerce, retail locations and phone sales can become a nightmare overnight. Take control of your inventory with centralised order tracking for all sales channels.
Drop Shipment
Save time on paperwork with a Drop Ship model where you never actually stock the inventory you sell to the end customer. Simply create a Sale Order for a customer and based on this the system automatically generates a Purchase Order to your supplier with customer’s shipment details.
Point of Sale Integration
Integration with POS systems ensures your sales through a retail location are reflected in your inventory. POS integration will ensure that any sale made through your retail location is reflected in your inventory and relevant transactions and documents are generated for accounting requirements.
Bill of Materials
Manually create or bulk upload sophisticated Bill of Materials for your inventory and even include subassemblies with all relevant labour and overhead costs for true calculation of production costs. Tracking the costs of raw materials, labour and overheads through your production process will help you develop the right pricing strategy for your products to help make sure you’re not operating at a loss.
Finished Goods
It’s always handy to know if you have enough raw materials to complete a job and our Finished Goods module lets you easily estimate the cost of manufacturing and the availability of raw materials. You can check the maximum quantity you can manufacture and the relevant costs and automatically order missing components.
Issue to Production
Our production module helps you write off damaged or missing inventory and allocate inventory or services used for a particular job. Writing off used, damaged or lost inventory has never been simpler than with our Issue to Production module that can be used for inventory and service based expenditure.

I bought an existing rural business that had very dated software for accounting and retail that was costing time and money. The team at Carbon worked with me to create a cost effective retail solution that is also portable and an accounting package that saves time, tracks stock better and allows me to monitor my business performance. They even came to me in the bush to get it up and running! Now I am the envy of other businesses in my town."
Bevan Steele
Steelo's Guns and Outdoors



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