Carbon Business Systems summarises the benefits of eWAY and how they are changing the e-commerce game.

Having cash upfront is important for any business. You need it to invest in other areas of the business, such as marketing or re-stocking, so why should you wait to get paid?

With eWAY, transactions occur instantly and securely. eWAY is changing the way businesses get paid. After all, anyone can provide you with technologies for taking payments. But that’s all they are; technological. eWAY is taking payments further – making them personal.

Providing seamless integration with your online accounting software.

eWAY integrates seamlessly with online accounting software Xero, making payments and accounting simple for business:

  • Get paid anywhere, anytime. On the go, in the office, online.
  • Customers can choose to pay by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and more.
  • Same-day settlement – no waiting around for cash to land in your account. Settlements are cash flow friendly.
  • Auto-reconciliation.
  • Streamline workflow – create recurring invoices and schedule payments to groups of customers with one click.
  • Start accepting credit cards today!
eWAY’s “Pay This” add-on for Xero

Making it easier for your customers to pay you – with just one click!

Xero eWAY bank feed

Save hours of manually matching transactions on your bank statement with your Xero account.

Online payment features

eway one off payment icon
One off payments

Increase the value of transactions per customer and number of customers by accepting one-off payments via any major credit or debit card.

Token payments

Make paying an easy process for your repeat customers! Securely store your customer’s credit or debit card details on eWAY’s PCI DSS compliant servers for future billing.

eway pre-authorised payments
Pre-authorised payments

Need to check stock before processing payment or do you offer payment after providing a service? Pre-authorised payments allow for this.

eway recurring payments
Recurring payments

Offer billing on a regular interval by allowing customers to save an anonymised and secure token of their payment information on eWAY’s secure servers.

eway multi-currency payments
Multi-currency payments

Looking to expand internationally and tap into overseas markets? eWAY accepts additional currencies and charges in your customers’ native currencies.

Secure your online payments with eWAY's fraud tools

If your business has been targeted with fraud before, you know just how much of a headache it can cause. Online credit card fraud is a growing problem and one that costs online retailers billions of dollars each and every year.

Luckily for you, eWAY built Beagle to help sniff out fraudulent transactions and better protect your hard-earned dollars. There are three tiers available that are designed to be simple, accessible and affordable for any business owner, whatever industry you’re in.

eway Beagle Lite
Beagle Lite

Every eWAY merchant is provided with a free tool that provides seven separately configurable rules that allow you to automatically block, flag and alert you of any suspicious transactions based on risks.

eway Beagle Essential
Beagle Essential

If your online business is fast-growing, Beagle Essential offers additional enterprise-level tools targeted at stopping industry specific fraud, matching cards to a global fraud database and offering more detailed reporting.

eway Beagle ultimate
Beagle Ultimate

A comprehensive, tailor-made solution including custom rules, advanced machine learning algorithms and dedicated fraud prevention teams who will help you build a solution designed for your business.

eWAY’s functionality around payments is very easy to use.
This assists us to offer a great and fast service to customers.
We haven’t found a more reliable and cost effective product
than that offered by eWAY.

Join the thousands of businesses who choose eWAY as their preferred online payment provider.

Carbon Business Systems has access to a range of eCommerce and online payments, so get in touch with our Bookkeeping & CFO Services to discuss the best solution for you.