Carbon are leaders in cloud-based technology. Our team of experts break down the functionalities and benefits of using online credit control programs, like Chaser.

Chaser connects to your online accounting software, like Xero, and sends polite, persistent email reminders to customers who have yet to pay their invoice. What’s great is this process is automated, boosting the average user’s cash flow by $4,400 per $100,000 turnover.

save time

Save time

Chaser’s automated invoice chasing frees up on average over 7 hours per week that you can better spend elsewhere.

intelligent debt management

Intelligent debtor management

Chaser automatically logs email chasers and replies into consolidated invoice histories.

automate email chasing

Automate your email chasing

Customise your emails to look hand-typed and group unpaid invoices for the same customer into one.

chaser reporting and intelligence

Reporting and intelligence

Empower your business decisions and be confident about which customers you can grant credit to.

Seamlessly integrate with Xero or MYOB online

Create your Chaser debtor management software and connect to your accounting software in minutes.

Fully integrated

Chaser securely imports data automatically from your accounting system and syncs data hourly, before every Chase is sent, and on-demand, to ensure you’re always operating with the most up-to-date information.

Improve your cash flow and automatically send clients their invoices

Carbon Business Systems are here to help you. Get in touch with our accounting and bookkeeping experts today. Integrate your Xero and Chaser accounts and rest easy knowing you’re getting paid on time.