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Ezidebit takes the pain out of payments, allowing business owners to get paid faster by offering secure and simple payment methods for their clients. Their simplified payment solution can be quickly and easily integrated with leading business software to ensure you not only get paid on time but also to improve your cash flow.

Build a better relationship with your customers by having total and granular control over your payments per transaction, giving you visibility into their payment habits. Whilst you’re focusing on your customers, Ezidebit’s focus is on helping you.

Payment solutions

Ezidebit makes life simpler for thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Integrate your software

Ezidebit API is fully featured, meaning that whether you’re in the trades, medical or retail industry, you can integrate this payment solution into your other software.

Ezidebit takes the pain out of payments

ezidebit reduce admin time

Reduce time spent on unnecessary admin

Ezidebit gives you a complete picture of your incoming payments on one simple dashboard, showing both received and scheduled payments.

ezidebit automatic payments

Receive payments automatically

Ezidebit allows customers to set and forget with direct debit for automatic payment collection, so you don’t have to do the chasing to ensure you get paid.

ezidebit reduce overdue payments

Reduce overdue payments

Direct debits take the pain out of collecting payments and help to create a reliable recurring revenue stream, reducing the number of overdue payments.

ezidebit customer retention

Increase customer retention

An easy payment system means a more enjoyable buying experience for your customers, whilst direct debits break larger payments into smaller manageable amounts.

ezidebit fee conversations

Avoid awkward conversations about fees

With Ezidebit’s SMS reminders, alerts are sent to all of your customers when a payment fails. You can also set up automated payment reminders to help customers pay on time.

Take the pain out of payments with Ezidebit!

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