Carbon Business Systems breaks down the advantages of using an online rostering and scheduling program, like TSheets.

After being part of the Quickbooks umbrella for a number of years, TSheets has officially been renamed QuickBooks Time. The change in name however does not affect or change the features or functionality of the software.

Sync everything to payroll

TSheets syncs seamlessly with Xero, QuickBooks and other payroll systems so everyone gets paid exactly what they’re owed. It’s got a built-in audit trail and stores all your records for you – securely – so you can get instant access anytime you need them.

Track time the way you want

Clock in and out and switch jobs easily using the TSheets app, available on Apple, Android or desktop. on iPhone, Android or desktop. Managing a team of tradies on the job site? The TSheets Crew App can clock them all in or out in one go.

See who’s working and where

One of the best features of TSheets is its sophisticated GPS mapping system which comes at no extra cost. The GPS-powered “who’s working” window shows every employee’s location on an interactive map from the moment they clock in, to the moment they clock out.

Share rosters and work schedules

The ability to plan and share next week’s shift roster or job schedule through TSheets is another fantastic feature. For just $2 extra a month per user, you can send everything straight to your employees’ phones.

mobile tracker with GPS
Mobile time tracker with GPS

Track time from any location, using any device, in real time.

time entry
Time entry: manual, punch and custom

From manual to punch card time entry, it’s all tracked down to the second.

tracking employee time off
Tracking employee time off

An easy way to manage sick time, vacation time and paid time off (PTO).

employee scheduling
Employee alerts and reminders

See how easily you can remind employees to clock in/out.

employee alerts
Employee scheduling

Ditch Excel for scheduling that’s easy to use and loved by employees.

new software
Out with the old, in with the new

Say goodbye to dry erase boards and Excel spreadsheets. TSheets scheduling software makes it faster and easier to build and share schedules.

schedule by shift
Schedule by shift

Goodbye staffing problems, hello happier customers! TSheets’ scheduling software is fueling a shift-planning revolution.

schedule by job or task
Schedule by job or task

Whether you’re dropping everything for an emergency call or planning a big project, the quicker you can organize your team the better. Assign jobs or projects to employees on the go.

simple to use
Simple to use

TSheets Scheduling saves you time and stress. With TSheets Scheduling, you can have a complete schedule in a matter of minutes.

easy to edit
Easy to edit

Change is inevitable. We make it effortless. Stop printing a new employee schedule each day or scrambling to notify employees of shift changes.

increase profitability
Increase profitability

Take your business to the next level Streamlined communication, a new standard of accountability, and real-time insight (even on the go) mean fewer mistakes and better coverage.

on the go schedule
Your schedule on the go

Insight and accountability in the palm of your hand. You’ll see who’s clocked in, where your employees are located through GPS tracking and what they’re working on, in real time.

always in sync
Always in sync

TSheets’ customisable notification system alerts employees whenever a shift they’re on is changed, added, dropped, or about to begin—with the assigned job code already populated.

improve communication
Improve communication

Eliminate confusion and excuses about not knowing the schedule. Now employees see all schedule changes as soon as they’re published, and they’ll get handy alerts reminding them to clock in and out of shifts.

time tracking and scheduling
Time tracking and scheduling: better together

Now employees can track their time and view their schedule in one convenient app. With the Who’s Working feature, you’ll be able to see who are where your employees are.

When it’s time to pay the team, the approved hours are
seamlessly exported to Xero payroll. Thanks to TSheets and
Xero, payroll is effortless.

Simplify your business and save money with TSheets

Get in touch with our Bookkeeping & CFO Services to simplify your business. Our experienced bookkeepers will take you a step further and help integrate your business systems with Xero to increase your overall efficiency. Contact us to find out more.