TWO SVGE is an ecommerce business founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2019 by brothers, Lewis and Alex Nolan (commonly known as the Nolan Bros).

The Nolan Bros’ mission is to provide premium eyewear at exceptional prices. More than just ‘sunglasses’ they design every piece to be worn as a reminder to believe in yourself – you have the power to create any reality you desire

The problem

As TWO SVGE experienced significant growth and Alex and Lewis’ business needs started to evolve, they recognised the need for a new accountant who could help take their business to the next level.

“The accountants we had used previously were very old school and we found that their approach to our business was just to “do your books” and that’s it. We wanted someone who not only wanted to build a strong relationship with us but also foster a collaborative environment. We were looking for someone who would be open to discussing our ideas, challenges and goals, and who could contribute innovative solutions to further propel the growth of our brand and maximise our market position,” shared the Nolan Bros., Co-Founders of TWO SVGE.

With a clear vision for their ideal accountant, the Nolan Bros. were eager to find a financial expert who could bring a fresh perspective and actively contribute to the ongoing success of their brand.

How Carbon helped

With this clear idea in mind for their next accountant, TWO SVGE engaged with Carbon’s Accounting & Tax Partner, Matthew Vaughan-Davies.

“Carbon Accounting & Tax has been instrumental in the growth of our business. Not only have they helped with our tax and accounting obligations, but they take the time to explain the why, so we are able to make more informed decisions,” said the Nolan Bros.

Our Accounting & Tax services include tax planning, advice on business structuring, taxation compliance and preparing and lodging business tax returns and individual tax returns. We also helped TWO SVGE with applications for the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) and Wage Subsidiary Grant.

“From the beginning, Carbon were always interested in our business. They cared about our growth and were interested in our ideas. Not only this but they brought their own ideas and opportunities about how we could grow,” said the Nolan Bros.

As TWO SVGE grew, they realised they needed help in other financial areas and as a multi-service firm, Carbon was able to help. In addition to Accounting & Tax, Carbon connected TWO SVGE with trusted advisers from our Finance & Lending, Insurance and Wealth Management teams.

Carbon Finance & Lending have been invaluable to TWO SVGE’s expansion plans. We have assisted with securing home loans and land loans and are currently exploring options for building loans and car loans.

For insurance, TWO SVGE has access to a range of insurance solutions to safeguard their business. These include business insurance, marine transit insurance, public liability coverage, tax audit protection and workers’ compensation.

Our Wealth Management team plays a vital role in ensuring the personal wealth and financial well-being of Alex and Lewis. Through financial planning and personalised wealth management strategies, Carbon helps the Nolan Bros build a secure future and align their personal goals with their business success.

Through our vast network, we were able to connect TWO SVGE with external professional services outside of Carbon such as Human Resources.

Carbon Services 

Ready to grow your business?

TWO SVGE’s success story with Carbon shows what’s possible when you have the right team on your side. From accounting and tax to finance and insurance, we have provided (and will continue to provide) the support and solutions the Nolan Bros needed to grow their business. And we’re here for you too.

If you want to take your business to the next level, just like TWO SVGE, contact us. We’re not just about numbers; we’re about helping you make your business dreams come true.

Carbon is practically an extension of our team.
It feels more like a partnership rather than a
service provider. Our business has grown rapidly
and it has been great having someone there we
can bounce ideas off and discuss goals/
challenges with so closely.

Lewis & Alex Nolan, Co-Founders