We’ve summarised the tools and business systems that are out there and how they can help you manage your business on the go.

Pick your online accounting software

Arguably the most important step when moving your business data to the cloud is to pick the right online accounting software for you. As an electrician or plumber, you need a program that allows flexibility so you can input information when you’re out in the field.

Cloud-based technology is changing the way small and medium-sized businesses operate and has opened a whole new door for business owners to digitally interact with customers, both current and potential. With programs like Xero and MYOB, you can store all your receipts, financial documents, and invoices in one secure place and integrate your job-related apps seamlessly.

If you haven’t moved your business to the cloud, this simple step will lighten your load significantly because you can access your data from anywhere at any time.


Xero is a leading accounting software program that is trusted and used by many small business owners not just in the trade industry but in retail, hospitality, legal and other professional services. As a tradie favourite, many small business owners like how easy the program is to use, the flexibility that comes with storing all your documents online, and how straightforward it is to integrate your apps. With Xero Expenses, your technicians can take photos of their receipts and have them uploaded to the server.

With just a simple click, your bank statements are automatically imported and you’re able to keep track of your cash flow. Flexible invoicing allows you to create, send, receive, and report on your invoices from one place that you can access at any time.

As Xero Platinum partners, we offer Xero Setup & Training. Our bookkeeping experts will not only set you up on Xero, but they’ll show you how you can use it to your advantage. Inviting us to Xero as your advisor is a simple process that results in us being able to manage everything for you.


MYOB is designed locally for Australian businesses in mind. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your business, MYOB offers solutions for every business life stage. MYOB allows you to boost your cash flow and take back your time with features such as online invoicing, automatic payment to staff and storing all your financial documents online. You can also share your data with your accountants and bookkeepers improving the overall efficiency of your business processes.

We’re MYOB Diamond Partners and our bookkeepers can help you get started and pick the best product for you.

Our bookkeepers can also recommend what digital accounting software is best for you based on your business needs.

Integrate your business apps
Online rostering and timesheets

Deputy makes managing your staff easy. When you operate a business that has technicians in a variety of locations, it can be hard to keep track of everyone. With Deputy, your staff can clock on and off at any time using any device which makes it easier to bill their time to customers. You can see where your technicians are and can create tasks and monitor the performance. The life of plumbers, electricians, builders, and people in trade is usually long and strenuous hours. With Deputy, you can view how much overtime your employees are doing and if needed get shift covers with just a click of a button.

Other features include custom pay rates which automatically calculate overtime, penalty rates, loadings and salary costing, and Xero integration so employee timesheets can be sent straight to Xero for payroll.

QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) is a top-rated time tracking and scheduling app that works anywhere, even when you have no internet or phone signal. With QuickBooks Time, you can keep track of your staff to see who’s working and where they are as well as schedule shifts on the go. QuickBooks Time keeps your team of plumbers running smoothly with the ability to plan and share the next week’s roster straight to your employees’ phones. Other features include syncing to your accounting software, so everyone gets paid on time as well as having your team clock on and off on-site.

Mobile job management

simPro is a cloud-based job and project management software designed specifically with tradies in mind. Save hours on paperwork and administration tasks all from your mobile phone. simPRO automatically syncs your jobs with your accounting software, keeping all your information up to date. Some of the features include digital templates to build estimates and quotes, scheduling your team based on who is available and a mobile app that is easy when you’re on the go.

BEAMS is a construction project accounting and management software system designed for Australian builders. With full integration and functionality, quotes, documents, scheduling, purchase orders and reports, your data can be accessed anytime from anywhere. With an easy-to-use mobile app, you can monitor your jobs in a few clicks. Your construction workers can accurately book their working time and give you a more accurate idea of their schedule as well as view shared documents and plans when you’re on site.

Service M8 is Australia’s leading job management software that makes managing staff, inventory, scheduling and invoicing easy. Designed for electricians, plumbers and builders, features are set in place to bring in more customers and manage your workflow as well as getting paid faster through online invoicing.

Online credit control

Chaser is an accounts receivable automation software that connects to your online accounting software and sends polite but persistent email reminders to customers who haven’t paid their invoices. You can customise your emails to look hand-typed and can group unpaid invoices from the same customer into one. Chaser’s automated invoice chasing frees up on average over seven hours per week that can be spent on billable active fieldwork.

See the results

Now that you’ve got your accounting software set up and integrated with your favourite business apps, you and your team of electricians, plumbers or builders will see an improvement to your business processes. Time spent on paperwork and administration will decrease, allowing your technicians more time to do billable hours in the field. You will also sleep better at night knowing that all your financial documents are organised and store in one primary location.

How our Bookkeeping & CFO Services team can help

Having all your data stored in one area simplifies your to-do list but it won’t completely free up your time. Hiring an external bookkeeper offers a set of fresh eyes to your financials as well as ensures that your bookkeeping is done correctly by an expert.

As tradie industry specialists, our team can provide training on Xero to help you further understand the program as well as help with quarterly business activity statements (BAS), debt collection, accounts payable and receivable, annual review of your business systems and advice on how to plan for future growth. Get in touch with us to see how outsourcing can help you.

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