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For businesses in Australia, keeping up with the newest taxation regulations can be quite a stressful job.  This can cause you to fall behind your tax obligations and ultimately cause your business to fail, regardless of the industry and the size of your business. This is where Carbon Accounting comes in. Our professional team of tax accountants in Melbourne partner with you in understanding your business and helping you succeed with everything that concerns tax accounting.

Our proactive accountants in Melbourne provide support to businesses of all sizes; whether your business has been running for some time, or is a start-up just trying to get started on your business journey. We want to make a difference by improving on your overall performance and efficiency so you can focus on growing your business and achieve your goals. Rest assured that your taxes, whether business or personal, are in good hands.

In order to illustrate how important professional tax advice can be, we will be using a sample scenario with possible outcomes.

Business launched in July 2017, 2018 tax year. The below illustration demonstrates that no tax is to be paid until March 2019. This is for the ATO to be able to assess the profit of the business. If the business is not able to put aside money for this tax bill, it could spell business success or failure.

While the idea of being free from taxes for a year sounds awesome, especially during your business' first year, more costs are to be expected in the next coming years. The are common pitfalls that tax exemption during the first year may trigger. The example above is what businesses that are starting out typically experience. This leaves them little time to catch up with their tax liabilities.

With Carbon's proactive approach, our team in Melbourne can help you avoid this inconvenience and ensure that we keep your business afloat. Our advice is for you to set aside money from your business launch where you can start with 25% then increase from there. Money saved can be placed in a high interest account or in an offset account against your home loan. It is better to lodge tax returns early to help you be better prepared for any shortfall.

Stay on the right side of the ATO with Carbon Accounting. Visit our offices in Mitcham and Seaford to get tailored tax accounting advice for your business.
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