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Awards & Achievements:

  • Winner of CFO of the Year Award – 2022 Australian Accounting Awards
  • Winner of the Overall Excellence Award – 2022 Australian Accounting Awards

Mason Dunn, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Strategic Leadership & Fostering Growth

Mason Dunn, our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is more than just a financial leader. He stands as a beacon of forward-thinking leadership and acute analytical insight, which are key in steering Carbon Group’s trajectory. Surrounded by stakeholders well-versed in the financial arena, Mason navigates this challenging environment by consistently positioning us for growth and innovation, showcasing his ability to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing business landscape.

From his humble beginnings as a bookkeeper in 2009 to pivotal roles at industry giants like EY and Wesfarmers, Mason’s rise is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Now at the helm of Carbon Group, he guides us towards both organic growth and expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise

Guided by Mason Dunn’s strategic expertise, Carbon Group has significantly expanded its presence through a series of successful mergers and acquisitions. In 2021 alone, under his leadership, we saw the completion of acquisitions worth approximately $6.1m across four unique deals. Mason’s structured approach involves identifying potential opportunities, conducting thorough due diligence, securing funding and overseeing the seamless onboarding of the acquired businesses. This methodology contributed significantly to our recognition as the second fastest-growing accounting firm, as highlighted by the AFR Top 100 rankings.

Beyond mere numbers and a discerning eye for potential and a robust risk management approach, Mason’s negotiation skills and deep understanding of the financial domain enable us to align visions, values and cultures with every new partnership. This approach, which integrates business growth with nurturing our company ethos, attests to his holistic and visionary leadership.

Organic Growth & Operational Excellence

While acquisitions play a significant part, Mason’s strategy for growth doesn’t solely depend on them. He focuses on fostering a culture of empowerment, continuous learning and innovation. His mission for the team is clear: equip each partner with the tools and resources necessary for organic growth. By refining processes, rolling out new systems and optimising talent management, Mason ensures Carbon Group remains agile and responsive to market shifts.

In 2021, Mason spearheaded a transformative shift in our internal reporting. Steering away from static reporting, he championed the development of our data warehouse and self-service portals. Now, our partners can access real-time data, ensuring transparent and effective decision-making processes. This innovation has streamlined operations, reduced manual queries and offered live consolidated insights to the leadership team, allowing them to spot opportunities and areas for growth efficiently.

His leadership, characterised by integrity and effective communication, nurtures strong professional relationships both within and outside the organisation. This not only solidifies our reputation but also opens doors for collaborative endeavours that drive mutual success.

Community & Philanthropy

Mason’s impact extends well beyond Carbon Group’s boardroom. He is deeply involved in the local Perth community, showcasing his commitment through initiatives like the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Movember, A Stitch in Time and Hootstoke. Whether he’s building schools in Cambodia, advocating for men’s health or shaving his head for the World’s Greatest Shave, he reflects dedication that goes beyond business. Participating in events like the RMHC’s Up All Night 42km marathon (which he completed twice in one year) showcase his genuine desire to bring positive change in both business and his local community.

Get to know Mason

When Mason isn’t busy making us all look good (which is not often), he enjoys snorkelling and camping outdoors, playing video games, spending time with his family and staring lovingly at his Pokémon card collection.

In the ever-evolving world of business, standing still is not an option. At Carbon, we're constantly looking ahead, anticipating the next wave and positioning ourselves for the future.

Mason Dunn

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