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  • Diploma of Financial Services


  • All Commercial and Industrial
  • Small, Medium and Large Enterprise
  • Retail, Trade, Office based
  • Motor and Fleets
  • Heavy Machinery and Motor
  • Construction and Contract Works
  • Financial Services

Jill Munro

Insurance Brokers Director

About Jill – Carbon Insurance Broker in Brisbane

Jill , with over 25 years of experience, stands out as a distinguished insurance broker in Brisbane, specialising in commercial insurance. Her commitment is evident in her dedication to providing clients with optimal claims results while minimising stress throughout the process.

Jill takes pride in ensuring that her clients’ risk management needs are met with the most suitable products at competitive rates. This dedication makes her a trusted provider of business insurance services in Brisbane.

Tailored Risk Management Solutions

Jill excels in developing tailored risk management solutions for diverse business sectors including retail, trade and construction. Her approach ensures that each client receives personalised coverage that comprehensively addresses their specific risks and industry regulations.

Comprehensive Business Insurance Expertise

Understanding the complexities of business insurance, Jill offers expertise across various sectors from motor fleets and heavy machinery to office-based industries and construction works. Her comprehensive knowledge allows her to advise on the best insurance products that protect against potential business disruptions.

Business tips from Jill

  1. Understand Your Client: Knowing your client and their business is crucial for providing tailored insurance solutions.
  2. Avoid Shortcuts: Comprehensive coverage requires meticulous attention to detail.
  3. Persistence Pays Off: Stay persistent in your endeavours; resilience is key to success in the insurance industry.

Get to know Jill

Jill’s roots are in South Australia and Victoria, making her a passionate AFL supporter, especially of the Richmond Tigers. When not working, she enjoys the finer things in life, such as dining out with friends, playing golf or spending a day at the beach. Whether it’s relaxing on the sand or engaging in beach activities, Jill embodies a balance of professional rigour and personal leisure.

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Jill Munro

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