Becoming a kick-ass speaker: key takeaways from our three presenters

Becoming a kick-ass speaker: key takeaways from our three presenters

Our first networking of the year certainly set the standard for the rest of our 2019 events. Three fantastic speakers sharing their tips on facing the fear of public speaking, creating killer pitches, and becoming an effective communicator with your team and clients.

Yesterday evening, in the awesome venue at Ninth and Merchant, we kicked-off our first networking event of the year – becoming a kick-ass speaker! We were lucky enough to have three exceptional presenters sharing their tips on calming nerves, improving communication skills, and generally how to become a kick-ass speaker! If you missed it, here’s a brief summary of the key takeaways.

Shil Shanghavi, TEDx Speaker Coach, TEDxATOPerth Speaker

Shil was first to the floor, and he introduced his talk by sharing some of his past experiences with speaking. In situations such as networking events or business workshops, Shil previously avoided asking questions, simply for fear of not wanting to ask a “stupid” question. What he found was that by remaining silent, he was missing out on opportunities. How many more opportunities was Shil willing to pass to others in the room? None. Which was where Shil’s journey to overcome his fear of public speaking began. Shil shared his top three tips on keeping calm during speaking and presentations:
  1. Breathe – sounds like Shil is stating the obvious, but when you start to panic, which is often the case when you are about to present to an audience, you experience a shortness of breath. Shil advised us to take three long, deep breaths before starting your talk to control your breathing.
  2. Connect – throughout your talk, look at specific people in the audience as a way to connect with them. It has a calming effect, knowing that your audience are listening to what you have to say. If you can, avoid having notes on a piece of paper in front of you; they tend to divert your focus from the audience. Plus, if your hands start to shake, people will see!
  3. Tell a story – Shil shared a story from his childhood. It was to put some context behind the rest of his presentation. He told it with emotion and used some prompts, which really helped to engage the audience.
Shil specialises in the fear of public speaking. For further information, feel free to reach out to Shil.

David Julian Price, The Master of Meetings

Next up was David, who lifted the room with his big personality. David gave us some handy tips when it comes to preparing a pitch, advising us to have three variations, of different lengths, to be used in different situations. David put it bluntly that people usually don’t care who you are or what your role is, rather they want to know what you can do for them! The key is to make it sharp and to the point, to encourage people to ask “how do you do that?”. A simple example would be a finance specialist saying, “I can save you money.” Everyone wants to save money, so our response would be “how can you do that!”
Reach out to David Price if you’d some assistance in creating a killer pitch!

Kelly Allison, Founder, Complete HR 

Our final speaker was Kelly Allison. Kelly uses The Golden Circle as a reference for communication, comprising of what, how and why. For businesses, what relates to the product or service that you offer. Pretty straightforward. How refers to the way in which the product or service is delivered. Businesses use different approaches, so the same product may be delivered in varying ways from company to company. Why is the important one, and communication should begin with this. Why is the purpose that drives each and every one of us. Leaders within your company should understand their why, and act upon this in all of their communications. When leaders think, act and communicate their why, they attract others who believe what they believe.
For a deeper insight into The Golden Circle, reach out directly to Kelly.  
Ticket sales from the evening are donated to Youth Focus; a for-purpose organisation who delivers mental health initiatives for young people.
A huge thank you to the team at Ninth and Merchant for your fantastic hospitality throughout the evening. A brilliant venue and the food was delicious!

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