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Rowena Rowland, CA

Accounting & Tax Partner

About Rowena Rowland – Your Local Business Growth and Tax Solutions Expert

Rowena brings over 11 years of experience in the accounting industry. Her journey began at a small firm in northern Adelaide, where she quickly honed her skills in tax knowledge and compliance. After two years, she joined Pitcher Partners, specialising in the tax department. Seeking more client interaction, she moved to a boutique firm three years later, focusing on small business client work.

In April 2023, Rowena joined Carbon Gawler as a Client Manager with a clear focus on supporting small businesses within her local community. Her passion for accounting stems from her love for numbers and helping people. She enjoys using her experience and knowledge to help small businesses grow and understand their finances. In 2024, just a year later, she stepped into the role of Accounting & Tax Partner, further solidifying her commitment to her clients and the community.

Rowena’s role at Carbon Gawler extends beyond traditional accounting. She provides comprehensive support in tax accounting, strategic planning, and financial management. Her focus is on delivering tailored solutions to SMEs and other key sectors, empowering business owners to achieve their goals.

Tax Accounting

Rowena’s expertise in accounting and tax ensures that businesses remain compliant with ever-changing tax regulations while optimising their tax positions. She provides comprehensive tax solutions that include accurate preparation and lodging of tax returns, meticulous tax planning and proactive strategies to minimise tax liabilities. Her deep understanding of the complexities of taxation allows her to navigate the intricate tax landscape, ensuring that clients are well-prepared for any reviews or compliance requirements. Rowena’s approach is thorough and tailored, offering personalised advice that aligns with each client’s unique financial situation and business goals.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is at the core of Rowena’s approach to business advisory. She collaborates closely with clients to develop long-term strategies that drive growth and sustainability. By analysing financial data and business operations, Rowena helps clients set realistic goals and create actionable plans to achieve them. Her strategic planning services encompass everything from business expansion to risk management and succession planning. Rowena’s goal is to empower business owners with the foresight and tools needed to navigate challenges, seize opportunities and achieve their vision for the future.

Financial Management

Effective financial management is crucial for the success of any business, and Rowena excels in providing this critical support. She assists clients in establishing financial systems and processes, managing cash flow and creating detailed financial reports that offer valuable insights into business performance. Her hands-on approach ensures that clients have a clear understanding of their financial health, enabling them to make informed decisions that support growth and stability.

Business tips from Rowena

  1. Cash is King: Make sure you’re always invoicing.
  2. Understand Your Numbers: Understanding your numbers empowers you to make informed decisions and grow your business.
  3. Value Your Time: Understand where your time is best spent within your business. Outsourcing tasks such as bookkeeping can reduce your stress levels and free up valuable time that can be spent growing your business.

Get to know Rowena

Rowena grew up in Adelaide, spending her childhood playing hockey and other sports, and enjoying the beach. She has always enjoyed hiking and often goes on hikes with her family. Nowadays, Rowena spends most of her weekends running around after her two sons. Her oldest is a competitive swimmer, keeping her busy at the pool, while her youngest loves performing, requiring her help with learning lines and productions.

Rowena’s perfect weekend involves relaxing at home with family and friends over a BBQ. She loves travelling throughout Australia, especially to places off the beaten track with no phone reception.

Understanding your numbers allows you to make informed decisions and grow your businesses. My goal is to provide the clarity and support needed to achieve sustainable success.

Rowena Rowland

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