In our digital world it is now possible for people to run successful businesses from any part of the world, providing goods and services to customers they only know by a username and email address. However, there are still many businesses where the personal touch is essential to developing the trust and confidence needed to build a long-term business relationship.

The Extra Mile

Equally important is being prepared to “go the extra mile”, to willingly under-promise and over-deliver. This is our approach at Carbon Group and one we encourage our staff to demonstrate with all our clients. We believe it is one of the main reasons for our success as accountants and business advisors.

Proactive Services

We also believe that it is not our role just to sit back and wait for our clients to come to us at tax time, but to be proactive on their behalf throughout the year. We do this by providing new information that may be beneficial to their particular business model, and among other services, alerting them to potential changes in the law, and keeping them up-to-date.

This allows them to concentrate on running their businesses. We notice that with each year that passes, issues affecting business are becoming more complex, changes are occurring much quicker than in the past and potentially having more of a detrimental effect. Our clients know that our people are there in the background, ready to assist where needed, so they just get on with their operational duties.

Special Programs Appeal to Clients

Although we offer a full range of business services, our Business Partner Program is a good example of the innovative way we support those clients who need something more flexible than an hourly rate arrangement. Clients using this program can contact us for ad hoc advice and enquiries under a fixed price agreement that promises no unpleasant surprises when they receive our account.

Through Thick and Thin

Many of our business clients have been with us for more than 20 years, happy with our service, and grateful for our advice and support on what has been an interesting and tumultuous journey for us all. Through recessions, boom times, the GFC (global financial crisis), government changes to taxation laws and the quickening pace of technological change, we have shared their problems and triumphs.

From our perspective, it is well worth the time, effort and energy to build this kind of relationship. We receive on-going business, and personal referrals that, in turn, become clients. Our clients receive the benefit of our experience, knowledge and professionalism to build their businesses.