About Caitlyn Shadbolt

Caitlyn Shadbolt, from Gympie, Queensland, has made a name for herself in the Australian country music industry. A singer/songwriter since 2012, Caitlyn got her big break after she auditioned and became a finalist on Australia’s X Factor in 2014. Her involvement on X Factor led to a deal with ABC Music. Her first album, “Songs On My Sleeve,” rose to #1 on the ARIA Country Album chart in 2017, with her hit single ‘My Break Up Anthem’ dominating country radio charts.

In 2020, Caitlyn dropped her second album, ‘Stages,’ featuring popular songs like ‘Edge of the Earth’ and ‘Bones.’ During the COVID-19 pandemic, she co-produced the album and recorded it at home during lockdown.

Fast forward to 2023, Caitlyn is recording her third album with partner Matt Smith in their brand-new studio. With a CMC Award and several Golden Guitar nominations to her name, Caitlyn is an artist everyone should keep an eye on.

The problem

Despite her musical success, Caitlyn faced challenges behind the scenes. The nature of her career led to a juggling act between time management and trying to wear too many hats. These struggles stretched her thin and the complexities of her career created a pressing need for reliable accounting support. “One specific issue I had was using Xero in the correct and most efficient way,” says Caitlyn Shadbolt.

This need was met by Carbon’s Accounting & Tax Partner Shaun Ward, who became her go-to expert for all things financial. Caitlyn hadn’t explored her tax planning options before so our team helped minimise her tax via advice regarding superannuation contributions and making use of the Temporary Full Expensing measures. Shaun’s involvement not only streamlined Caitlyn’s accounting processes but also answered her myriad questions, granting her the peace of mind she needed. With Shaun’s assistance, Caitlyn has been able to redirect her focus and energy back to her true passion: her music.

How Carbon helped

Understanding the specific challenges faced by artists like Caitlyn, Carbon stepped in to streamline her financial management. Our initial task was handling her annual tax and BAS lodgments, immediately establishing a foundation for more efficient accounting. The real change, however, came when Shaun began working closely with Caitlyn. His expertise proved invaluable in answering her diverse questions — from superannuation details and mastering Xero software to refining her invoicing process.

With Carbon’s comprehensive support, Caitlyn’s accounting procedures have significantly improved. The clarity in her bookkeeping and the strong relationship she’s built with her accountant have been key to this positive change. Now, with greater financial stability and the backing of a dependable team at Carbon, Caitlyn can focus on exploring new creative projects, confident that her financial health is in good hands.

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Working with Carbon changed things for Caitlyn Shadbolt. She went from worrying about accounting, deadlines and finances to focusing on her music. Our team was there for her, answering questions and solving problems. At Carbon, we do more than numbers; we support people like Caitlyn to do what they love without stress.

Having Carbon by my side feels like having a
dedicated teammate. They provide me with
peace of mind in areas I previously struggled

Caitlyn Shadbolt