What is a CFO?

A CFO dives deep into your business insights to identify new growth opportunities as well as areas that may be dragging your business down.

These insights can either make or break a business, however because of the hefty salary price,  many small businesses miss out. This is why virtual CFOs have grown in popularity. Small businesses could experience the benefits of a CFO, without having to fork out a full-time salary.

What are the benefits of a virtual CFO?

Hiring a virtual CFO gives you more flexibility. They will tailor their services to you, meaning you get the services you actually need, with a return on investment. Outsourcing also increases productivity because it will allow you and your key employees to focus on your own job responsibilities, giving you your time back.

Cash flow management is crucial for a small business. A strategic virtual CFO will help you understand your current cash position and will show how you can maximise cash flow. You’ll have complete transparency in your business and you’ll understand what your data means.

Once your virtual expert explains the data to you, a tailored strategy can be put in place that will position your business for profitable growth.

Services offered by Carbon’s Bookkeeping & CFO Services:

With the removal of special purpose financial reporting, our CFO Services can help you prepare your compliant general purpose financial statements as well as help with:

  • New venture risk analysis
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Generating financials
  • Audit schedules
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial statements
  • Accounting standards
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Accounting policies
  • Goal setting and tracking your business’ progress
  • Time management skills
  • Improving the efficiency of business processes
  • Exiting your business with the best possible sale value

As a business owner, you often don’t set aside time in your busy schedule to think about all these things, let alone put them in place to achieve your business goals. Our CFO services will make sure that no leaf goes unturned and that your goals are not only being achieved but are being reviewed to reflect the current needs of your business.

Hiring a virtual CFO can be a game changer for many businesses, often what leads to either being a success or failure. Since the advisor is external to your business, their advice remains impartial, and by hiring someone external, risks and opportunities that may have otherwise gone unseen, will be identified.

Interesting in hiring a virtual CFO?

Our virtual CFOs will work with you to create a tailored strategy that will take your business from simply surviving to thriving!

Get in touch with our CFO Services professionals now to learn how we can help.