Running a business is no easy feat, and as you travel down your business journey you’ll face new challenges. At the start, managing all of the administrative tasks as well as building your business may be possible, but there will quickly come a time when you need to share the workload by hiring new people, or outsource.

This is a decision that business owners with multiple entities will face, as there will come a time when you need to get help to keep all of the balls in the air.

The good news is, you have options to help you find the right people for your business. There are people who can tackle all sorts of work: Whether you’re chasing a Virtual Assistant to tackle your inbox or calendar or act as an external receptionist, or you need assistance with your financial tasks like bookkeeping.  Plus, there are also many flexible options to structure this: From a couple of hours a week to a few days a week.

Carbon Concierge are specialists you can outsource all of your administrative tasks to, and rest easy knowing the work is in the hands of experts.

Making the leap to outsourcing can be tricky – it’s hard to let go of the reins for the first time. To help, Carbon Concierge have five reasons why outsourcing will help you in the long run.

1. Flexibility during busy and slow periods

A concern for hiring a staff member is often that the work they are needed for isn’t constant, and instead, they’re only needed at certain times, or for casual hours. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility you crave, as you can have someone only when you need them. And, they are available to increase or decrease the hours as required so if something suddenly changes, you’re able to adapt quickly.

2. Organise your work with a Virtual Assistant

The to-do list for every small business owner is a never-ending list of jobs, most of which are time-consuming and fiddley. But, without this work being organised correctly, you struggle to keep on track.
This is where a Virtual Assistant can step in and get you organised by:
• Managing your calendar
• Sorting your email inbox
• Acting as an external receptionist
• Help with invoicing or bookkeeping

3. Take the financial tasks off your plate and into the hands of a specialist

For most business owners, financial tasks like paying bills, invoicing, bookkeeping, or payroll aren’t jobs they love to do, and generally aren’t their area of expertise. When a task isn’t your strength, it will take longer for you to complete. So why not outsource to someone who loves to do it?
Things you can outsource to a Financial Assistant include:
• Managing debtors and creditors
• Invoices
• Reconciliation
• Managing your account’s inbox
• Managing cash flow
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll

4. Free up time to focus on leading your team

The time you’ll spend on administrative tasks could be better allocated to leading or building your team. Having this time is hard to come by, but by removing administrative tasks from your list you’ll free up hours that you can spend on making important decisions, planning ahead or connecting with your team.

5. Have peace of mind knowing your properties are under control

If you have investment properties that you also manage, the time you spend on these could be re-focussed to benefit your business.
Some of the things you can outsource:
• Liaising with real estate agents
• Authorising repairs and maintenance
• Reconcile your rental income
• Strata Management
• Invoicing
• Paying bills
• Sourcing insurance

There are many positives to outsourcing your administration tasks to specialists who love this sort of work, these are just five.

If the thought of taking these tasks off your list and freeing up time to focus on doing things you actually enjoy to grow your business is appealing, get in touch with Carbon Concierge today for a chat.