When emails come in, our natural response is to feel the stress bubble up as we experience the need to look at it, despite being busy with another task. Considering our inboxes are flooded with subscriptions, newsletters, spam, personal and work-related emails, this feeling of email fatigue occurs quite often each day.

Another cause of stress for business owners is managing their busy calendars – between the meetings and phone calls, when is there time to get your actual work done?

Carbon Concierge can help small business owners by taking on the time-consuming task of cleaning up their inbox, on-going management of their inbox, and organising their calendar. By getting help with these key things, small business owners are able to free up hours of time they can put to better use by focusing on their business.

Get your inbox under control

Did you know that it’s been reported that we can spend over 10 hours a week attempting to manage email overload? When it’s put like that, it seems like a crazy amount of time to be working on your inbox rather than the big project that will help you kick your business up a notch.

So, it seems logical to want to get your inbox under control and make a positive change. But, who has the spare time to go through it all? Carbon Concierge can sort it out for you, but to get you started here are their top three tips.

  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary email lists  While it’s easy to delete those newsletters you never open, it would save time and stress in the long-run if you open it up and follow the unsubscribe link. By reducing the number of subscriptions and newsletters, you will only receive those that are interesting to you.
  • Filter emails to folders  Utilise the rules and filters on your inbox to direct emails to folders, meaning they are grouped together for when it’s time to review and action.
  • Separate your work and personal email accounts 
    When we have a clear distinction between our work and personal emails, we are able to better focus on what’s important and ensure nothing gets missed. It will also help with not getting stuck on work emails in your personal time.

Calendar management made easy

It’s normal to feel like the day, or week can get away from us. We often schedule meetings without much thought on how their timing can impact the whole day, but with help from Carbon Concierge, this can be managed in a way that is beneficial for your stress levels and time management. Here are three quick tips to help make your calendar work with you and reduce your email fatigue.

  • Create a routine When we have a routine, we are able to concentrate more effectively so get into the habit of blocking out times for certain activities each day or week, and remember to stick to the plan.
  • Group meetings and calls into blocks Rather than feeling like your day gets away from you, create a chunk of time for meetings which will see you gain blocks of time to work uninterrupted. For example, schedule all your meetings for Tuesday and Thursday mornings, meaning you know you have the afternoon on both of those days to get work done.
  • Optimise time for different meeting types We’ve all heard the joke about the meeting that could have been an email, so take control over your day and set time blocks depending on the type of meeting or call. A first-time meeting with someone may be an hour, a catch-up maybe 30 minutes and a check-in could be done in 10 minutes. By putting clear time constraints around your meetings, you will notice they are more streamlined and beneficial.

Why live with this stress any longer?

It’s time to shed your email fatigue and calendar stress, so give Carbon Concierge a call and arrange a free consultation to find out how they can help.