Stage 4 Restrictions: What do they Mean for You?

Stage 4 Restrictions: What do they Mean for You?

Stage 4 restrictions are now in place across metropolitan Melbourne. How will the lockdowns, shutdowns and strict limitations affect you?

In an effort to slow the devastating spread of COVID-19, Stage 4 restrictions are now in place across metropolitan Melbourne. These restrictions, which include workplace shutdowns and tight constraints on essential industries, will be in place until Sunday September 13. What does this mean for you? 

Stage 4 restrictions will drastically affect the way we live, the way we work and the way we interact. The message remains the same: If you can stay home, you must. The major difference is that now the choice has been largely taken out of your hands, with many retailers and industries forced to either close up shop or trade online to survive. Major changes include: 

Premises Closed 

  • All retail, unless specified below as open 
  • Personal care services, including hairdressers 
  • Religious services and places of worship 
  • Car washes 
  • Legal and accounting services 
  • Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services 
  • Advertising Services 
  • Market Research and Statistical Services 
  • Management, Consulting and other professional, scientific and technical Services 
  • Banking and finance: Non-Depository financing, financial asset investing, insurance and superannuation Funds, auxiliary finance and insurance services 
  • Home cleaning and gardening services 
  • Accommodation services, unless permitted to operate 
  • Photographic film processing 
  • Travel agencies 
  • Car and car parts wholesalers 
  • Rental and hiring services, except where supplying permitted services 
  • Scenic and sightseeing transport 
  • Furniture and floor covering wholesalers 
  • Manufacturing of furniture, textiles, knitted product, wood product, leather, fur dressing, clothing and footwear, domestic appliances, non-metallic mineral product and fabricated metal product. 
  • Non-urgent elective surgery 
  • Transfer stations 
  • Book publishing, directory and mailing list publishing, software publishing, motion picture and sound recording 
  • Library and other information services 

Premises Open, with Restrictions 

  • Retail stores for contactless click-and-collect and delivery services 
  • Cafes & restaurants (takeaway and delivery only, before 8pm) 
  • Shopping centres for access to permitted retail 
  • Hardware, building and garden supplies: retail for tradespeople only, otherwise contactless pick-up 
  • Meals on Wheels and other essential in-home support  
  • Markets: food only, with strict guidelines 
  • Agriculture retailers: drive-through only 
  • Public transport, rideshare and taxis for permitted workers 
  • Schools: only for children of permitted workers and vulnerable children 
  • Childcare: only for children of permitted workers and vulnerable children 
  • Boarding schools, residential colleges and university accommodation services 
  • Accommodation permitted by government COVID-19 response 
  • Places of worship: only for up to 5 people to broadcast ceremonies 
  • Places of worship and community facilities: only to provide essential community services 
  • Horse, harness and greyhound racing 
  • Waste and resource recovery services for commercial contractors only 
  • Construction: Maximum of 5 workers on a retail build with three or less storeys. 25% of normal workforce on larger constructions. Additional safety precautions apply. 
  • Meatworks: With heavy restrictions on output, staffing and safety 
  • Bank branches & critical banking services will be allowed to have staff onsite to support specific critical services. 

Premises Open  

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores, including liquor shop 
  • Newsagents and convenience stores 
  • Petrol stations 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Laundry and dry cleaners 
  • Post offices 
  • Stores selling maternity, disability, mobility and health equipment 
  • Emergency residential repair  
  • Critical essential infrastructure 
  • Specialist stationery services (business use) 
  • Motor vehicle parts for emergency repairs 
  • Motor vehicle and machinery repair 
  • Locksmiths 
  • Essential upkeep of parks and gardens 
  • Telecommunications services, newspaper, magazine publishers, radio, TV and internet broadcasters 
  • Essential health services  
  • Electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage, drainage 
  • Manufacturing: Food and beverage production, medical equipment, petroleum and coal, coffins and caskets, aluminium smelting, cement and lime, pharmaceutical and sanitary products, telecommunications infrastructure, defence and security, residential building industry materials, pulp, paper, printing and support services, fertilisers and pesticides, cleaning compounds and toiletry preparations, glass, polyethylene and resins, computer and electronic equipment and products, heating and ventilation, specialised machinery, transport equipment and heavy trucks, household paper products 

You can download a complete, detailed list of industry restrictions here

From a lifestyle perspective, the following Stage 4 restrictions are also now in effect for metropolitan Melbourne: 

  • A nightly curfew is now in place from 8pm to 5am, with exemptions for work, caregiving, medical and compassionate reasons.
  • Exercise is permitted for only one hour a day within 5km of home, with one other person. There is an exemption for dependent children. Those that have been directed to self-isolate are not permitted to exercise outside of the home. 
  • ​Shopping is permitted only within 5km (or closest supermarket), and only by one person per household per day. There is an exemption for caregiving and assisting the elderly. 

A full list of Stage 4 restrictions is available on the Department of Health & Human Services website. 

We know that many of our clients will be deeply affected by these restrictions, and we're here to help. If you need assistance to determine how certain restrictions may impact your business or your finances, please contact us on 03  9887 8751.


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