Admin tasks you can take off your plate

Admin tasks you can take off your plate

Tradies! Sick of being swamped in paperwork? Admin tasks taking over your family time? There’s a better way of running your business! Let Carbon & Telstra Trades Assist Show you.

Admin tasks you can take off your plate TODAY

Tradies! Are you spending more time on admin tasks than with your family? You’re not alone! According to the Telstra Trades Assist baseline survey 2018, tradies are spending on average 12 hours per week on admin, compared to just 8 hours per week with family and friends. The result of this is stressed tradies with a poor work life balance who are missing out on quality time with their families. We’re pretty sure you didn’t sign up for that when you started your business!

As a group of professionals who love to balance our hard work with an enjoyable personal life, it’s our job to share with you our top tips to cutting down on admin so that you can stop spending your evenings and weekends drowning in paperwork.

Go paperless!

There’s heaps of apps out there to help any business to run more efficiently, and trades-based businesses are no exception. From job scheduling to automatic invoicing and stock management, say goodbye to manual data entry and piles of paperwork and say hello to more free time and a lot less hassle! Your business is constantly on the move, whether that be heading out to a site, visiting a customer, or driving to pick up goods. So, it doesn’t make sense to have your business only accessible from the office. Move as much of your business as possible online so that it’s accessible on the go. Telstra Trades Assist is a fantastic tool that will help to streamline your tasks by removing the need for paperwork.

Automatic invoicing and payment collection

Hand written quotes which are then typed up at night is just wasting your valuable time that could be better spent with your family. There are multiple cloud-based applications that allow you to quote on the go, such as Xero and Telstra Trades Assist. With Telstra Trades Assist, you also have access to materials and labour pricing on the spot, to ensure accurate pricing within minutes, without spending hours breaking down the job. This quote is then saved against the job, which can be turned into an invoice once the job goes ahead.
A common pain for tradies is having to chase payment for a job they completed several weeks ago. A timely (an awkward!) process that no one likes to do. Credit control applications such as Chaser automates this for you to help you get paid on time, in less time. Future-proof your cash flow and free up your evenings.

Mobile job scheduling

Paper rosters often get lost or thrown in the glove box with a heap of Bunnings receipts. What if an employee calls in sick and you have to re-shuffle the team? Calling the entire team can be a nightmare, going backwards and forwards to ensure jobs are covered. Instead, move your job scheduling to the cloud so that everyone has access from their mobile, tablet or computer. Telstra Trades Assist saves you having to call, email or SMS work schedules, as your team has access to their latest jobs at the touch of a button via the app. Need to change jobs around? Notify your entire team via the app rather than contacting everyone individually. Say hello to automation and goodbye to evenings and weekends spent drowning in paperwork.
So, if you’re still sending out invoices manually or texting your team to give them their next job, contact our team to get started with the Telstra Trades Assist app. We understand moving to the cloud can be daunting. But that’s why Carbon can work with you to step through the process and get it up and running. Contact us via the form below to get started.
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