Numeric Eight was established in 2006 by Director Trudi Yip, with the goal to assist and mentor small and medium business owners across key services such as bookkeeping and account management.

“When I founded Numeric Eight seventeen years ago, I was determined to build a bookkeeping and accounts management company that did things fundamentally different to the traditional bookkeeping firms I’d experienced previously. Hence our tagline of Beyond Bookkeeping.

And today, as I reflect on our clients, partnerships and team members, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved over this period.

We have built this business to almost fifty staff based in two offices in SydneySt Leonards and Parramatta, providing a range of traditional bookkeeping services and complex solutions involving a range of sophisticated software tools and processes that set us apart from other firms.

However, now is the time for Numeric Eight to move to the next level. I am delighted to share that we have entrusted the firm’s stewardship to the Carbon Group!

Carbon was the obvious choice for several reasons – they are a great cultural fit and share our values and passion with everything we do.

I am thrilled to announce that Wellington Takakura, Carbon’s leading Bookkeeping Services Partner in NSW, will take on the leadership role here. Wellington has a Masters in Accounting and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all bookkeeping, accounts management and advisory areas,” said Trudi.

Carbon are incredibly excited to welcome the whole team of 40 new Carbonites to our network, and are thrilled to launch our new St Leonards and Parramatta offices.