Before starting Success & Broker, Ruan Burger ran two successful mortgage broking businesses, one in regional Gladstone, and the other in the heart of Brisbane. It was then that our relationship with Ruan began. Originally needing bookkeeping and payroll support, Ruan came to Carbon and has since worked with our leading Bookkeeping & CFO Services Partner in Queensland, Gail Rogerson.

While Ruan still had his mortgage broking businesses, our Brisbane Bookkeeping & CFO Services team provided weekly bookkeeping and payroll support and helped manage his accounts payable and receivable. It was important that Ruan had a bookkeeper that was not only good at providing stellar bookkeeping services but really understood him and was able to deliver solutions that would achieve his financial goals.

When Ruan decided to sell his business, he required daily assistance with the transactions related to the sale of his business and once that was settled and finalised, Gail and her team helped Ruan with his new business endeavour, which was Success & Broker. Gail and the Brisbane team helped Ruan set his consulting business up from the get-go and would be responsible for implementing new systems to streamline processes.

Trying to establish and run a new business is hard enough without having to worry about your books so Gail knew that she wanted to make Ruan’s life as easy as possible by introducing a lot of automated processes. There were many conversations between Ruan and Carbon about what systems and services would suit him and his new business. After having built such a strong relationship from the beginning, Gail had a clear sense of Ruan’s business needs and was able to suggest strategies that would not only complement Success & Broker but were accessible to Ruan. The most important thing to Ruan was streamlining the processes for client engagement and collection of funds and Gail sought to make this a priority.

Separating the various entities and areas of income/expenses, we were able to clearly look after the various parts of Ruan’s personal and business portfolio. As Success & Broker continues to grow and more possibilities with technology open up, our bookkeepers are keeping a close eye on Ruan and looking for ways to help him with his vision.

Together with Ruan’s external accountant, we work together to ensure we’re all on the same page. Ruan can have peace of mind knowing that engagements are processed quickly, funds are collected seamlessly and that if there’s a way to improve business productivity, our team is there to check it out.

Since implementing automated processes, Ruan can do what he does best while our team continue to look after him in the background.


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Loved working with Gail and the team. They are
there at any time we need and provide a great
sounding board.

Ruan Burger, Owner
Success & Broker