About Laguna Pest Control

Founded in 2009 by Jay and Nicky Turner in Noosa, QLD, Laguna Pest Control has grown from a small husband and wife venture into a multi-award-winning company with a team of eight. Laguna Pest Control has been recognised for their professional service quality and excellence in the industry, demonstrated through multiple awards, including the Australian Pest Manager of the Year and most recently the 2023 Large Trades & Services Award at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Jay’s background in biological sciences and expertise in entomology played a key role in their transition from insect breeding for the pet trade to establishing a successful pest control business. Nicky (while not as passionate about insects as Jay) was born to run a business and has notably contributed to advocating for women in pest management, founding the Professional Women in Australian Pest Management Association and leading initiatives like the PWAPM and WIPM Awards.

With over a decade in business, Laguna Pest Control continues to be a leading figure in the pest control industry, known for their commitment to delivering professional, reliable and quality service.

The Challenge

“At Laguna Pest Control, we faced several challenges with our previous accountant including missed deadlines, false information related to experience, recurring small errors, unreliability in meetings, unclear fee structures and a lack of personalised attention,” says Nicky Turner, owner of Laguna Pest Control.

These challenges prompted Jay and Nicky to seek a new accounting partnership and led them to engage with Carbon’s State Managing Director from Brisbane, Anthony McPhee. “We were attracted to Carbon’s reputation for delivering reliable, transparent and specialised services, and believed them to be a better fit for the unique demands of our pest control business.”

How Carbon Helped

Carbon resolved Laguna’s challenges by providing the following support:

Timely Service and Transparency

Carbon’s commitment to meeting deadlines not only improved Laguna’s financial management but ensured their operations ran smoothly and compliance was always up to date. The transparency about Carbon’s qualifications and certifications built a foundation of trust and confidence, essential for a strong business relationship.

Tailored Industry Experience and Accurate Financial Management

“Carbon stood out with their specialised advice and solutions, tailored specifically for the pest control sector,” says Nicky, “this approach not only showed us Carbon’s deep understanding of the industry but also gave us peace of mind knowing our financial statements and reports were accurate”. This level of precision in financial management provided by Carbon was a game-changer for the team at Laguna.

Reliable Communication and Customised Solutions

Regular and timely meetings with Anthony and the accounting team greatly improved Laguna’s strategic planning and decision-making processes. “Carbon introduced a clear and detailed fee structure. They provided itemised invoices, explaining each charge, which helped us understand the value of the services we were receiving,” says Nicky. Our team took the time to understand Laguna’s unique business model and requirements. By closely aligning our services with Laguna’s specific needs, we were able to provide them with tailored and effective support.

Proactive Tax Planning and Regular Reporting

Our accounting team helped Laguna Pest Control with creating effective tax planning strategies. This meant they could foresee and prepare for their tax payments for the next year, avoiding surprises. We made sure they stayed on top of their tax obligations, reducing the risk of penalties. This planning gave them a clear picture of their finances, helping them make smart decisions for their business’ future.

Carbon Services

Since teaming up with Carbon, Laguna Pest Control have seen big improvements in their business. Carbon’s Accounting & Tax team has made Laguna’s finances stronger and clearer, which helps them make smarter business decisions. They’ve also got their cash flow under better control, making it easier to plan and invest for the future.

With Carbon’s help on tax laws and compliance, Laguna has less risk of running into legal troubles or penalties. This means they can run their business with more confidence. Carbon’s strategic advice has also opened up new opportunities for Laguna to grow and spend their money more wisely.

The improvements in how the business is run have positively impacted the staff at Laguna. A more stable and efficient work environment has made employees happier and more productive.

Accounting & Tax

Transforming Your Small Business With Expert Financial Management

Carbon’s partnership with Laguna Pest Control shows how tailored financial management can transform a business. Additionally, Laguna’s reputation has gotten a boost too. Now that they’re known for being well-managed and reliable, they’re finding new business opportunities.

For professional guidance that can move your business in the right direction, speak to our team at Carbon. Whether it’s accounting and tax, bookkeeping, virtual CFO services, payroll, financial planning, business insurance or finance and lending, we’re here to support your venture into the future. Contact us at 1300 454 174 for expert advice tailored to your business needs.

  With Carbon’s support, we have seen
improvements in financial stability, cash flow
management, compliance, strategic financial
planning, business reputation, responsive
advisory support and employee satisfaction.
Carbon’s expertise has been crucial in our
growth, efficiency and profitability.

Nicky Turner
Owner, Laguna Pest Control