Compose Photography started its journey with Carbon Group when we partnered with bookkeeping firm Paperchase. Carbon carried over their bookkeeping services and after hearing about Compose’s frustrations with their previous accountant, Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services referred them to Carbon Accounting & Tax.

  • With business growth came an increase in the amount of time spent on administration tasks.
  • One meeting per year with their accountant meant that there was a lack of understanding for the business, which restricted growth potential.
  • Lack of communication between the accountant and bookkeeper; both were asking questions on what the other had done.
  • Bookkeeping & CFO Services referred Accounting & Tax, who now manage their end of year financials.
  • Seamless communication between Carbon’s bookkeepers and accountants means one clear message communicated with Compose.
  • Set up online accounting software Xero, allowing access anywhere, at any time, giving Compose owners the work/life balance they wanted.
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