When Dale walked through the doors of Carbon last year, looking to fill a management role within our Bookkeeping & CFO Services division, we knew we had found our next Carbonite. 

He joined us as Manager – Enterprise Advisory in August 2020 from Grant Thornton and hit the ground running – figuratively speaking that is, as Dale had injured his ACL just days before his first day with Carbon, so he was on crutches for a while!  

In under a year, Dale has taken a big step up in his career to become our newest Associate Partner. This move puts Dale on our path to partnership, a program designed to help Carbonites shape the career they’ve imagined. This is an exciting time for our Bookkeeping & CFO Services division, Carbon as a whole and Dale. 

“I’m super excited to be joining the partnership and am appreciative to both Jamie and Marc for their ongoing belief and support. Carbon have been incredibly accommodating from day one, and it’s clear why the business has been able to have sustained growth. It’s an exciting time to not just be with Carbon but to be on the path to becoming a Partner,” Dale said. 

As part of the CFO Services leg of our Bookkeeping & CFO Services division, Dale has been working closely with Partner Marc Wiriadisastra 

“With less than a year at Carbon under his belt, the fact that Dale has already become an equity participant and is on the path to being a full Partner speaks volumes about his work ethic,” said Marc. 

When Carbon was launched, Co-Founders Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood wanted to create an avenue to make the journey to Partner more streamlined. With this idea in mind, our path to partnership program was born. 

“Achieving the goal of becoming a Partner is one that many accountants and bookkeepers share, but the journey to get there is often undefined or layered with difficulty. We wanted to cut the roadblocks out and make it easier for motivated and talented people to take their career into their own hands,” Jamie Davison said. 

As our latest arrival to Carbon’s path to partnership, Dale will be working closely with Marc and Jamie to build on his already strong skillset to where he wants it to be, as well as having a clear road outlined as to how he can achieve his goal. 

“Knowing what you need to do to step up into the role of Partner is often the hardest part. We make it clearer, so that Carbonites like Dale can have achievable milestones. It’s also very important that he has access to the training and experience-building opportunities he needs to grow, and that’s what we work on with Dale,” said Jamie. 

You can find out more about Carbon’s path to partnership here, or you can reach out to us to chat about how we can help you!