James first walked through the doors of our Osborne Park office late last year, bringing with him nine years of experience from PwC as well as fresh ideas and an enthusiastic attitude.

After working closely with Co-Founder Nathan Hood for the past year, James has fast-tracked his career path from Associate to Partner and is excited about the new opportunities that await him.

“I’m looking forward to being more involved with my clients on a strategic level to help them navigate the ups and downs of small business. The best days for me are the ones where I get to meet with my clients and chat about their business, so being able to do that hopefully every day as a Partner is what drew me to the role,” said James.

Since James joined Carbon, he has been going at full speed, working hard to develop great relationships amongst the team.

“To say James hit the ground running is putting it lightly. He had clear goals in mind and was motivated to do his best to achieve them. It’s been fantastic introducing James to our clients and seeing the value he brought to the table, as well as the way he’s fit into the Carbon culture,” said Nathan.

Coming to Carbon with a clear vision of where he wanted his career path to go, and able to tackle the unique opportunities that Carbon presented that may not have been available to him elsewhere, James and Nathan were able to work together to fast track his career to Partner.

“Our regular CFO, reporting or strategic catchups with clients have been some of the best opportunities for me, and I don’t think I wouldn’t have had them otherwise. I came to Carbon with the goal of having more direct relationships with clients and to be more Partner focussed, and have very much enjoyed this so far,” said James.

The big question for James is what’s next?

“I’ll be developing deeper connections with my clients and spending more time with them so I can add as much value as I can. I’m also looking forward to working closely with my team and helping them develop on their individual career paths.”

If you’re in the same place as James and are looking for your next opportunity, then why not reach out and have a chat with Nathan and Jamie.