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  • Chartered Accountant – CAANZ
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Tax)


  • Small & medium businesses
  • Private clients
  • Tax compliance, tax advisory and tax accounting

James McNaught, CA

Accounting & Tax Partner

About James McNaught – Personalised Accounting Services

James joined Carbon in 2020, bringing an extensive nine years of experience from PwC to the table. After only one year, James stepped up into the role of Accounting & Tax Partner through our path to partnership program.

James McNaught joined the Carbon team in 2020, bringing an extensive nine years of experience from PwC to the table. After only one year, James stepped up into the role of Accounting & Tax Partner through our path to partnership program. His rapid ascension to Partner highlights his commitment and expertise. James is passionate about forging strong relationships with business owners, aiming to demystify tax complexities and enhance their financial understanding.

James came to Carbon with the desire to work directly with business owners and build deeper connections with his clients. With that in mind, it will come as no surprise that James’ favourite part of his day is helping his clients to understand tax and join the gaps in their knowledge.  

Small and Medium Businesses

For small and medium enterprises, navigating the financial landscape requires an intricate approach that combines compliance with strategic growth. Tailored accounting solutions empower these enterprises to optimise their operations, manage cash flow efficiently and plan for sustainable expansion. By focusing on personalised financial advice and harnessing the latest in accounting technology, businesses can secure a competitive advantage, ensuring they remain agile and responsive to market fluctuations. The objective is to equip these businesses with the tools and insights needed to grow in their respective sectors, transforming financial management from a mere necessity into a strategic asset.


Start-ups encounter distinct challenges, from securing funding to establishing a viable business model. Specialised support for start-ups involves not just managing finances but also strategic planning to navigate the initial stages of business development. Effective guidance assists these nascent companies in laying a robust foundation, emphasising scalability, risk management and investment readiness. By prioritising innovation and adaptability, start-ups can experience rapid growth, turning their innovative ideas into successful ventures with long-term viability.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is a crucial element of financial management, requiring businesses to navigate intricate regulations and reporting obligations. A proactive approach to tax compliance not only ensures adherence to laws and regulations but also identifies opportunities to optimise tax positions. By staying abreast of legislative changes and leveraging tax incentives, businesses can minimise liabilities and avoid costly penalties. The aim is to transform tax compliance from an administrative burden into an opportunity for efficiency and savings.

Advisory and Strategic Growth

Advisory services are pivotal in strategic growth, offering businesses insights and strategies to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks. This involves a comprehensive analysis of market trends, financial performance, and competitive landscapes to inform decision-making. By partnering with businesses, advisors can help identify growth levers, from market expansion and product development to operational efficiency and mergers or acquisitions. The focus is on driving sustainable growth that aligns with the business’s vision and objectives.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential strategy for managing a business’ financial health, focusing on structuring affairs to minimise tax liabilities within the bounds of the law. Effective tax planning involves a forward-looking approach, considering future business plans, investments and potential changes in tax legislation. By optimising tax structures and making informed decisions about deductions, credits and investments, businesses can significantly enhance their financial outcomes, ensuring more capital is available for growth and development.

Business tips from James

  1. I believe we’ve gotten to a stage where technology is doing much of the heavy lifting of compliance in the accounting industry, so it’s become vital that your advisor can break down complex issues, and one that you enjoy working with on a personal level. 
  2. Keep the communication lines open with your accountant. We care about your business and its success! Carbon is unique in that our clients communicate directly with Partners, which means you can quickly and easily reach us. 
  3. Understand cash versus accruals and get your accountant to explain when you need to know the difference. Often business owners think of profitability in terms of how much money they have in the bank but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. 

Get to know James

His perfect weekend includes dinner out with his wife and a glass (or bottle) of wine. James has travelled to many places, but still believes Perth is the best place to be. He is a jazz fan, and even plays the saxophone! 

A friend who had many years of experience once said to me, ‘We have two ears and one mouth for a reason’. On face value it sounds silly, but he’s right: Listen to your clients or customers, people, and those around you. Be collaborative. Having the ability to listen with empathy has gotten me to where I am.

James McNaught

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