Bookkeeping is one of the occupations that is enhanced, rather than diminished, by computerisation. The development of accounting software removes the more tedious tasks and allows the bookkeeper to produce reports targeting specific cost centres on demand. This provides business owners and managers with the opportunity to correct problems before they become long term.

Bookkeepers Still in Demand

However, computerisation does not mean that bookkeeping skills have become redundant. In fact, skilled bookkeepers are in high demand, particularly in small and medium businesses. They work with in-house or external accountants to record business transactions, track receipts, make payments on time and keep records in formats that meet tax laws.

Carbon Group are accountants offering bookkeeping services to our clients. We know the value a competent bookkeeper adds to our operation. We provide a cost-effective service to clients who want to concentrate on the operational aspects of their business, leaving their accounts to our bookkeepers to process.

A good bookkeeper must have a thorough understanding of double-entry bookkeeping principles and, where necessary, specific qualifications. Good computer skills are essential, as is the ability to enter data accurately and quickly. These are skills that can be learnt, but successful bookkeepers also possess three essential habits that make them invaluable to an employer.

Attention to Detail Needed for Accuracy and Investigation

Attention to detail is essential for accuracy and for picking up a discrepancy or an omission that warrants further investigation. Many mistakes are found by bookkeepers like ours, who notice the content of the documents passing through their hands or the data they are entering into the computers.

Importance of Keeping Records Organised

Filing is an unpopular task often given to junior staff members who do not understand its importance. This applies to both electronic and paper-based records. Good bookkeepers like ours know that the value of an impeccably managed filing system is the ease at which a record can be retrieved when it is needed. In accounting, this is often for a tax audit, so keeping records organised is critical.

Sound Time Management Meets Deadlines

Bookkeepers often work to tight deadlines. Accounts must be reconciled and reports produced on a regular timeline; to do that requires a constant flow of input into the accounting software. It is not enough to leave all the data entry until the last minute, and then rush through it when a deadline looms. Having the personal discipline to self-manage the time available is an essential attribute.

If you are contemplating employing a bookkeeper, this is the best advice we can give you. However, if you, like many of our other clients, would rather outsource this task, we are ready to help.