One of the advantages business owners enjoy is the ability to make their own decisions. They express their creativity through the type of business they have chosen and the way they manage the day to day operations. The negative side to this equation is the personal responsibility they bear and the knowledge that ultimately, the success or failure of the business is in their hands.

Build Networks of Trustworthy Support

The support of a strong and positive network of family, colleagues and professional advisors is essential to prevent the weight of this responsibility from becoming overwhelming. To be fully effective, this support should also come from trustworthy sources, so that any advice or counsel sought or given can be relied upon to be given in good faith.

Our clients know that when they approach Carbon Group for professional advice, we are always acting in their best interests. We have established a level of trust between ourselves and our clients that enables us to offer personal services tailored to individual needs. They consider us to be part of their business because we are always available at short notice to provide the support they need.

Trust Industry Insiders – You are All in the Same Boat

It is not just our relationship with clients that is important to the longevity and success of client businesses. Regardless of the type of business they are running, owners and managers should also create their own affiliations with others in their industry. Trusted suppliers, loyal and capable staff, reliable service deliverers and even competitors, will assist business owners in the same industry in many and sometimes unexpected ways.

Take competitors for example. There have been many instances where businesses take on work, then find for some reason that they are unable to complete it. They often turn to a competitor whose work they know and trust to finalise the contracts, so their reputation remains intact.

Join Business Associations and Share Information

Business people share information about issues that affect the viability of their industry with others they trust in the same line of work. They join organisations like their local Chamber of Commerce where they network with others, and discuss issues that affect them. Many of these business relationships become friendships over time, and trust between the various parties is paramount.

We do our best here at Carbon Group to help our clients be successful. They trust us to give them the good news and sometimes, they have to also hear things they don’t want to know. On these occasions, they trust us to give them advice to get their businesses back on track.

Trust is an important but often overlooked attribute in this cynical time of ours. We may still shake hands on an agreement, but we follow it up with legal documents, just in case. Being able to build trustworthy associations in the course of daily business is an enviable trait, and one on which we place great importance.