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  • Chartered Accountant – CAANZ
  • Chartered Tax Adviser – CTA
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Tax


  • Business and tax advisory

Jesse Williamson CA CTA

Accounting & Tax Partner

About Jesse Williamson – Your Trusted Financial Advisor

Jesse became a Carbonite in 2020, bringing an extended suite of knowledge from his business and tax advisory experience. He shares Carbon Group’s focus on helping small business owners achieve their goals. He enjoys the variety of industries that he gets to work with, which is where his depth of knowledge comes to shine!

A Multifaceted Career Journey

Over the years, Jesse has worn many exciting hats, each contributing to his expertise:

  • Tax Advisory Manager: Jesse has served as a Tax Advisory Manager, where he honed his skills in tax planning and strategy.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA): His CA designation showcases his commitment to excellence in accounting and financial expertise.
  • Lecturer in Undergraduate Business Programs: Jesse has shared his knowledge as a lecturer, shaping the minds of future business professionals.
  • Hospitality Business Operator: His experience as a hospitality business operator provided valuable insights into entrepreneurship and business operations.

Why did Jesse choose the industry he is in?

Jesse thrives in an environment where he can immerse himself in a variety of industries, learning how they operate and assisting in solving complex issues. He finds immense satisfaction in meeting new clients, addressing their immediate concerns and witnessing them achieve their business and lifestyle aspirations.

Specialising in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Jesse has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) face. His expertise is tailored to cater to the specific needs of SMEs, whether they are startups or established enterprises. Jesse provides comprehensive financial solutions that empower SMEs to navigate financial complexities, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth. With a keen eye for optimising resources, he assists SMEs in achieving financial efficiency and unlocking their full potential.

Business Advisory Support

As a seasoned professional in business advisory, Jesse is dedicated to helping businesses thrive. His strategic guidance goes beyond numbers and financial statements. Jesse collaborates closely with business owners to develop tailored strategies that drive success. Whether it’s optimising processes, expanding market reach or tackling complex business challenges, Jesse’s insights and recommendations are invaluable. With his support, businesses can confidently chart their course toward long-term growth and profitability.

Effective Tax Planning Strategies

Jesse excels in the realm of tax planning, offering businesses a clear path to tax efficiency. He understands the ever-evolving tax landscape and helps businesses navigate it with precision. By crafting tax strategies that align with business objectives, Jesse enables clients to minimise tax liabilities while remaining compliant with tax laws. His expertise in tax planning ensures that businesses keep more of what they earn, allowing them to reinvest in growth initiatives, boost profitability and secure their financial future.

Business tips from Jesse

Jesse’s advice is straightforward yet invaluable: “Hire a great accountant and talk with them often.” Having a trusted advisor can make a world of difference in navigating the complexities of finance and taxation.

Get to know Jesse

Originally hailing from the picturesque Riverina region of New South Wales and growing up in Sydney, Jesse has a deep appreciation for nature. He enjoys leisurely holidays, invigorating walks, refreshing swims, engrossing reads, and engaging conversations—with his loyal dog and partner by his side.

Jesse’s initial dream of becoming an archaeologist was inspired by Indiana Jones movies, but he soon realized that real-life archaeology involves more shovels, dust, libraries and research than cinematic adventures. Nevertheless, his journey in the world of finance and business has been just as captivating.

For expert accounting and tax guidance from Jesse, connect with him today. Jesse is your trusted partner in achieving your financial and business objectives.

A problem well-stated is half solved - a lot of the time it is about asking the correct question of your advisors.

Jesse Williamson

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