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  • Chartered Accountant –  CAANZ
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Registered Tax Agent


  • Wine
  • Professional services
  • Property
  • Construction

David Block, CA

Accounting & Tax Partner

When David joined Carbon in 2021, he also launched our Carbon Adelaide office. It was an exciting time for David, as he was making a big step in his career by moving from an Associate position at Hood Sweeney to becoming a Carbon Accounting & Tax Partner.  

Keen to join a like-minded team who shared his passion for relentless business improvement and exploring different ways to create value for clients, David found his niche when he found Carbon. As someone whose mission is to help people make a difference in their world through their business, David goes above and beyond to support his clients. 

Specialising in agri-business, wine and professional services, David has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Diploma of Chartered Accounting and is a Registered Tax Agent. For his clients, this means when you’re working with David you can trust you’re working with someone who truly knows their stuff. 

Tax Accounting and Compliance

David ensures that tax accounting and compliance are seamlessly managed, keeping businesses in line with Australian tax laws and regulations. His expertise in navigating complex tax requirements allows businesses to maintain financial integrity and legal compliance. David’s proactive approach in tax preparation and filing minimises compliance risks and optimises tax positions, enabling businesses to focus on growth while staying in good standing with the ATO and other stakeholders.

Business Advisory and Strategic Growth

David is instrumental in driving business advisory and strategic growth, offering tailored strategies for businesses looking to scale, enter new markets or enhance profitability. He delves into the intricacies of each business, providing insights and actionable strategies tailored to their unique situation. With David’s guidance, businesses can effectively manage growth challenges, capitalise on opportunities and set a clear path towards long-term success.

Tax Planning Solutions

In the realm of tax planning, David excels at devising strategies that minimise tax liabilities while ensuring full compliance with Australian tax laws. His strategic tax planning not only impacts the bottom line by reducing tax expenses but also frees up capital for reinvestment into the business. David’s expertise allows businesses to leverage tax incentives, deductions and credits effectively, ensuring optimal financial outcomes.

Business Plan and Structure

David emphasises the importance of a robust business plan and the right business structure for success. He assists businesses in crafting comprehensive business plans that outline their objectives, strategies and financial projections, serving as a roadmap for growth. Furthermore, David advises on selecting the most suitable business structure that aligns with the company’s goals, minimises tax liabilities and supports future expansion, laying a solid foundation for the business’s journey ahead.

Business tips from David

To make a real, lasting difference in the world through business you need to be brilliant at turning ideas into empires that employ people and create value for the community. 

Build a unique competitive advantage like a killer brand, die-hard community or innovative product.

Get to know David

Born and raised in Adelaide, David loves spending time on his property in the Adelaide Hills with his beagle Lexi, brewing delicious beer and tinkering in the shed.  

A fun fact about David is that he claims you won’t be able to beat him in Briscola (an Italian card game as he can count cards…). 

Real value in business can be created through three distinct areas being growth, efficiency and confidence. You should work on all three to build real wealth.

David Block

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