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Clinton started his career in accounting at Sterling Accountants as a graduate accountant, bringing with him an impressive list of qualifications; Bachelor of Commerce: Accounting and Business Law, Graduate Diploma of Accounting, and later becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA). As a child, Clinton was always diligent with his own savings, with the aim of getting a bigger reward through savings. During his studies at Curtin university, he realised that he had an affinity for working with numbers. So much so that he can recite pi to at least 10 digits! This all translated into accounting.
His hard work and knowledge saw him quickly progress to a managerial position within two years, with staff reporting to him, then just a few years, Clinton became a partner. Sterling Accountants merged with a local bookkeeping firm in 2014, which saw the launch of Carbon Group. Clinton has been with Carbon throughout the whole journey and has played an integral role in our success. His efforts have been recognised with numerous industry awards, including 2017 SMSF & Accounting Awards Tax & Compliance Firm of the Year, and finalist for the Accounting Firm of the Year category.
Clinton leads a team of accountants in our Perth office, specialising in start-up businesses. He assists them through the early stages of business ownership, putting them in a better position to succeed and achieve their business goals.

Business tips from Clinton

At Carbon, we love how the introduction of cloud-based accounting software has changed the role of an accountant in some ways. It allows for numerous tasks to be automated that were previously time-consuming manual tasks. This means accountants can take more of a hands-on approach in offering advice and strategies. Accountants should be talking to their clients – getting together and having a chat over coffee will always be a powerful way to deliver advice and get a better understanding of the business. If your accountant isn’t doing so, find one who will.

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Clint was born in Durban, South Africa, moving to Australia when his was five. He loves sport, following pretty much every sport out there, and playing basketball. As a kid, he used to catch spiders and bugs, and attempt to fossilise them with his saliva! 

Chatting to your accountant regularly over coffee will always be a powerful way for them to gain a better understanding of your business and deliver more tailored advice.

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