The Wink Reports team are passionate about helping businesses to reach their full potential with our software services. We provide businesses with real-time, customised reports available through the cloud. Moving software services to the cloud means that solutions can be delivered faster and more precisely to your business. But did you know that moving into the cloud can also be a driver of business growth?

Our partners Carbon Group have used the cloud as a major driver for their own business growth since they started operating in 2014. In 2017, Carbon Bookkeeping was awarded the National Bookkeeping Firm of the Year at the Australian Accounting Awards in recognition of their forward-thinking strategy for growth and their contribution to the accounting and bookkeeping industry. To achieve such a high accolade in only three years, alongside their expertise and personalised service, Carbon have utilised cloud accounting as a key component for growth, and for assisting their clients to achieve their business goals.

The use of cloud software has enabled Carbon to expand from just 13 employees at the start of operations, to over 70 people across Perth and Melbourne sites, with plans to expand nationally in the future. With reporting dashboards such as Wink Reports an increasingly popular tool for business owners and bookkeepers alike, the Xero/cloud add-on ecosystem has been a major contributor to Carbon’s rapid growth.

Through the recommendation and implementation of premium cloud accounting solutions such as Xero, Carbon Bookkeeping have simplified business administration for their clients. Data entry tasks become quick, easy and even automated in some cases which enables Carbon’s bookkeepers to spend their time meeting with clients and offering them strategic advice. Cloud accounting systems remove the need for double data entry, which frees up business owners’ time from completing administration work, to focusing on achieving goals and growth.

Another example of Carbon’s forward thinking approach to business, which demonstrates their dedication to helping clients succeed is their fixed pricing model. From signup, clients can expect consistency and transparency in all dealings with Carbon, who choose to focus on developing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with clients rather than merely seeking short-term financial outcomes. Clients aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to ask questions in fear of being billed for time. It helps to create a fantastic relationship between the bookkeepers and their clients.

To discover how cloud accounting can maximise your business’ growth and learn which cloud software is best suited for you, contact the team of cloud integrators at Carbon today.

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