At first glance, the concepts of open communication and confidentiality may seem at odds with each other. Communication requires a free exchange of ideas and conversation, while confidentiality by its very nature is a closed environment. However, the two can comfortably co-exist and in many situations, this is essential.

A successful and healthy business relationship, for example, requires both. How do we know this? We are Carbon Group, a group of accountants and business advisors that has worked hard at establishing an organisational culture built around these two, seemingly opposing, attributes.

Open Communication Builds Relationships

In any type of relationship, being comfortable to discuss all kinds of issues in a free and open exchange of ideas strengthens bonds. While business is not seen to be personal, we have found the opposite to be true. Many of our clients have SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises), and while some of them may have the capacity to employ qualified accountants to oversee daily financial operations, they still need a third party to provide objectivity.

This is where we excel, and where our products and experience offer real value and assistance. For example, we recommend twice yearly attention to tax planning, rather than the more common annual once-over. Our clients are offered quarterly checks to keep their financial goals on track, and all of this involves clear and open communication between both parties.

Is Confidentiality Hard to Find These Days?

We live in a time of over-sharing personal details on very public, online forums. For some people, then, the idea of open communication and confidentiality working together in the same space is a little surprising. However, it is far from a new concept and has been working successfully in business for centuries. All it takes to be successful are people with integrity who are prepared to follow established privacy rules and guidelines.

Trust is the Key Element

All successful and productive relationships are based on trust and this is where the element of confidentiality becomes so important. Our clients cannot give us the information we need to be truly helpful to their success unless they trust us with that information. We not only discuss financial and taxation issues with our clients, but many of them have taken advantage of our estate planning, business sale planning, strategic and structure advice, as well as other services.

It is necessary to have confidential and sensitive conversations with our clients so we can understand their future goals and aspirations. They trust us by sharing personal information. We are never careless or reckless with that information. Every aspect of the business and personal information given to the partners and staff of Carbon Group by our clients stays completely confidential.

With these two attributes in place, we can continue to work with our clients on a range of issues to improve their business success and help them build personal wealth.