What Is A Virtual Financial Assistant?

A virtual financial assistant is just like a virtual assistant—but they look after your finances. Operating within the virtual space, they use sophisticated software to help businesses with calculations, tracking expenses, filing taxes and more. It’s like always having an expert by your side!

With a virtual financial assistant, businesses can free up valuable resources, save both time and money, and focus on other areas that need attention.

What A Virtual Financial Assistant Can Do

A virtual financial assistant can make managing your finances easier than ever! They offer:

  • Bookkeeping services to help you keep track of your accounts
  • Invoicing to ensure you receive payments in a prompt manner
  • Budgeting to make sure you stay on top of your expenses
  • Personalised services tailored to fit your unique needs

Benefits Of A Virtual Financial Assistant

Plugging into a virtual financial assistant can help entrepreneurs get back hours of time every week. Not only does it provide more time for strategy around the future of your business, but it also provides additional resources that might otherwise be too costly.

A virtual financial assistant can help manage your accounts payable and receivable, create financial statements, automate invoicing and payment processing, analyse spending trends and ensure accurate tax compliance.

The invaluable support a virtual assistant provides can free up your time to focus on core functions and higher-level strategy. This helps you stay on top of sector developments, while ensuring day-to-day operations are taken care of—enabling you to increase efficiency and profitability.

Virtual Financial Assistant VS In-Office Bookkeeper

A virtual financial assistant can provide much of the same assistance that an in-office bookkeeper can, but with certain distinct advantages. These include access to a more diverse and specialised skill set, greater scalability when handling more complex tasks, and no overhead costs for physical office space.

Additionally, there is greater flexibility with a virtual arrangement, making it ideal for those seeking to outsource certain aspects of their business from the comfort of their own home or office. All in all, many businesses find that opting for a virtual financial assistant has cut down on costs without sacrificing quality of service.

Where Do I Find A Virtual Financial Assistant?

In today’s digital world, finding a reliable virtual assistant to help you get the job done has never been easier.

A common way for people to find virtual assistants is through freelance sites, or even on social media platforms. However, finding a good financial assistant through these methods can require some trial and error, as reviews and credentials are not always reliable.

Alternatively, many businesses opt to use managed staffing solutions as these firms provide experienced and qualified virtual assistants matched to your specific requirements. Finding an assistant through this method provides peace of mind that your new staff member will be able to deliver on the tasks they promise.

How To Choose A Good Virtual Financial Assistant

When selecting a virtual financial assistant, you want to be sure that you:

  • Pick someone trustworthy and reliable. Make sure you research any financial assistants thoroughly before making a hire
  • Read reviews, ask for referrals and check credentials. Also, consider the type of qualifications you feel are important in a financial assistant and carefully weigh all applicants.
  • Consider your comfort level when communicating with the candidate—whether they understand your specific requirements and if they appear knowledgeable in their field.
  • Discuss payment terms up front and make sure the method is convenient for both parties.

Taking careful steps to screen potential hires will help guarantee that you have chosen a reputable and reliable virtual financial assistant to handle your finances.

I Need A Virtual Financial Assistant – What Now?

Step 1.
The first step in finding the perfect virtual financial assistant is to assess what you need help with. Do you need someone to keep track of your expenses and budget? Maybe you need help organising your day-to-day tasks or want an expert’s advice on financial planning?

Step 2.
Once you know what type of assistance you need, start by doing some research on different virtual assistant services. Look for reviews and compare pricing. When you’ve found a few that seem like a good fit, reach out to their customer service teams to ask questions and get a feel for how they work.

Step 3.
Finally, interview your candidates and make a decision, then get ready to take your business to the next level! Having an experienced professional supporting your business with their expertise in finance will ensure money is well managed, costs are minimised, and profits are maximised!

At Carbon, our Carbon Concierge service matches businesses with the virtual assistants best suited to their needs. Our assistants take the fiddly, time-consuming tasks off your plate and help to keep your business organised. As your to-do list gets shorter, you’ll have more time to focus on what you’re truly passionate about—your business. Contact our team via our contact form for more information or call on 1300 454 174—we look forward to working with you!