It seems that every celebrity or sports star, at the end of their career, writes a no-holds-barred book about their road to success. Many of them have one person, among others who influenced their career, who provided crucial assistance at just the right times, to keep them grounded. They describe their relationship with this person as that of a mentor, and believe this was the difference between a solid career and a stellar one.

Mentoring an Under-Used Resource in the Business World

In academia and the professions, having a mentor is quite normal. In business, some successful people acknowledge that a mentor increased their chances of success, but it is not a relationship that is widely touted in this arena.

We believe that mentoring is a very under-used resource in business and one that, if treated seriously, could minimise the stress and pressure most business owners and managers work under. We developed our Business Mentoring Program as a service to our Carbon Group clients and we have seen some excellent results.

Can’t See the Wood for the Trees?

One of the drawbacks for owner-managers is becoming so involved with daily operational issues that it is often difficult for them to see the bigger picture. Our program works to overcome that by providing a fresh perspective and a sounding board for our clients to raise issues and put forward ideas.

A Different Way of Thinking About Your Business

We provide a qualified Carbon Group mentor who reviews the client business, asks the difficult questions and challenges entrenched thinking. There is nothing as enlightening as robust and objective discussion, and the end result for the client is often a different way of thinking about their business. Many clients have told us that this is the first time they felt comfortable about running things past someone outside the business without feeling a loss of control.

By having our expert on your team, you immediately have a wider range of skills, expertise and access to our broad professional network. The advice we give is completely unbiased and absolutely confidential, and we provide practical tools to identify needs and skill deficiencies.

Structured Format, Regular Meetings, Progress Tracking

The program is not just a talk fest. It is a disciplined format that helps clients to achieve their goals. Along with our support and guidance, you get formal, structured monthly or quarterly meetings and a method for tracking progress. All these techniques have been proven to drive substantial improvement for those clients who have taken advantage of what our Business Mentoring Program has to offer.

Going it alone creates stress in both work and family life, and in these circumstances, often the harder you work, the worse everything becomes. Let us share some of the burden and give you the tools to make better decisions.