About Trillion Trees

Trillion Trees were previously using a desktop version of MYOB before switching to Xero. Using MYOB meant that the accounts weren’t accessible by all those responsible in the organisation. All the accounts information was saved on one computer and the financial processes weren’t transparent. Trillion Trees is largely run by volunteers and needed the reliability, skills and expertise that a business like Carbon could provide.


In earlier years, the organisation had suffered from some inappropriate financial management and it became crucial for the board to have a financial system that allowed for strong financial accountability and visibility. Trillion Trees needed a trusted advisor to help them to achieve their business mission.


Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services switched Trillion Trees from MYOB to Xero. This conversion has allowed the board, especially the treasurer, to clearly understand the financial performance of the organisation. In earlier years, the organisation experienced great financial stress and was at risk of collapse due to mismanagement and lack of transparency of the organisation’s financial performance.

Xero has allowed the board members to access the accounts quickly and easily to provide confidence in the longevity of the business. The accounts can be reviewed by many people allowing clarity on the true performance. Having that partnership with Carbon ensures that Trillion Trees has the expertise and stable financial base to do this.

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