House of Honey initially used Carbon Group for their Accounting & Tax services, however, they were referred to Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services to help implement better processing systems. They needed to modernise the way they carried out administration tasks (reporting and end of day cash up procedures). They were looking for a modern system that was not only efficient but allowed the owners to access information, from anywhere.

  • Traditional cash registers used, making end of day reporting difficult.
  • Excel spreadsheets used for stock management which was time-consuming.
  • Double handling of data between programs.
  • Reporting wasn’t always accurate.
  • Previous systems were outdated and too slow.

Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services:

  • Converted House of Honey from Excel spreadsheets to Xero.
  • Business Systems conducted a comprehensive analysis of their needs and integrated cloud-based point of sale (POS) software, Vend.
  • Provided an integrated service that allows House of Honey’s owners to access data from one piece of cloud software, accessible from any location.
  • BAS Agents make reporting accurate.
  • Business owners feel more in touch with their business’ progress and enjoy the reduced time required on admin tasks.
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