The invoices, investment and financial record management, and reconciliation of their bank accounts were jointly managed by DEAL‘s CEO and Executive Assistant. This created an unnecessary and overwhelming amount of work and pressure for the small team. The team at Carbon were initially engaged to handle all payroll services, however, with the fringe benefits tax (FBT) due soon, Carbon Accounting & Tax stepped in to lighten DEAL’s workload.

Being a not-for-profit, DEAL’s financial requirements are complex and managing those themselves was diverting resources from their core business.


Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services:

  • Handles all bookkeeping, reducing processing time and improving overall accuracy.
  • Advises on payroll to ensure proper management of tax and superannuation.
  • CFO Services provide tailored financial advice.

Carbon Accounting & Tax handles FBT returns.

Carbon Services

Join Carbon and rest easy knowing all your business needs are in good hands.