As Cherratta Lodge grew, efficiencies were reducing and systems were becoming outdated. They wanted solutions to reduce administration time by integrating systems. Carbon Group worked with Cherratta Lodge to help them reduce their expenses and get them back on track with running an efficient and profitable business.


  • Previously using MYOB which hadn’t been updated in eight years.
  • Using Excel spreadsheets for reporting, which required manual entering of data.
  • CFO’s workload was becoming unmanageable due to a lack of integration between systems.
  • Manually entering data meant more mistakes were being made.
  • No automation.
  • A server was needed for the staff to access IT systems.


Bookkeeping & CFO Services:

  • Converted Cherratta Lodge from MYOB to Xero.
  • Business Systems provided a comprehensive analysis of software used and integrated Kounta and Happy HR.
  • Manage bookkeeping and payroll, saving two days per week of admin time for their employees.
  • Custom reports have reduced CFO admin time, which has gone back into running the business on the ground.

Integrating these new systems saved two days worth of work per week for the CFO!

Is your business lacking efficiency and the right business systems?