After a glowing recommendation from a contact, AmpersandMC contacted Carbon after accepting that burying their financial head in the sand was never going to get them where they wanted to be. Going from Excel to MYOB, Carbon converted AmpersandMC to Xero and gave owner, Alison Balch, the transparency in her business that she needed. This enabled her to make informed business decisions that contributed to the brand’s growth.


  • Lack of understanding tax obligations.
  • Zero transparency on cashflow or profitability.
  • MYOB was not user-friendly or aesthetically-pleasing.


Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services: 

  • Converted AmpersandMC from MYOB to Xero.
  • Took care of transactions ensuring books are kept up-to-date.

Carbon Accounting & Tax offered strategic advice on growing the business.

Carbon Services

Make better business decisions with Carbon.