Ezetax, lead by Director Todd Zani, has been a leading provider of accounting, taxation and advisory services for business owners in Western Australia area since it was established in 1999.

The partnership between Ezetax and Carbon Group creates exciting opportunities for both businesses, given the firm alignment in values.

“At Ezetax, we’ve been dedicated to providing the highest quality financial, accounting, taxation and company secretarial services possible to our clients. It was very refreshing to meet Carbon Group and realise that we shared the same passion and goals, so I am very excited about what we will be able to achieve for our clients by working together,” said Todd.

Mr Zani and the Ezetax team will be joining Carbon Group’s existing firm, Carbon Swan Valley, that is lead by Accounting & Tax Partners, Michelle Maynard and Steve Wai.

“After meeting Todd and the Ezetax team, we knew that this partnership would be a perfect fit and we are beyond thrilled to announce it to the public. Our clients are our top priority, and we know that by growing our team with experts who share our passion, we will be able to achieve even more for our clients,” said Michelle.

The Carbon Swan Valley office is based at 40 Ellen Stirling Parade in Ellenbrook and are the leading providers for individual and business accounting and tax needs.