The Carbon Bundaberg team want to help you achieve your business goals and one way we can help is by managing all your bookkeeping needs. Before we can help you, we need access to your Xero accounts.

Here are six simple steps to invite us in and from then on, our qualified accountants in Bundaberg can take care of everything!

1. Log in to your organisation on Xero.

2. Click on your organisation name and go to “Settings”.

bundaberg xero

3. Select “Users”.

Xero advisor

4. Invite Carbon as a user and enter the below details:

Carbon Bundaberg

bundaberg xero

5. Make sure to have these 3 selected:

  • Payroll admin
  • Business and accounting: Adviser
  • Manage users  
xero bookkeeping

6. To finish, click “send invite”.


As a business owner, you shouldn’t be scared of getting help from a bookkeeper or Virtual CFO. We understand that giving up your private information can be concerning, however, we’re here to help and anything we see in your books stays between us.

Take control of your books by getting in touch with our experts.

Once we get access, our Bookkeeping and CFO Services experts can set you up and show you how to use Xero so you and your staff can be confident in using the systems we put in place.