This isn’t just about adding another brilliant mind to our Brisbane team, it’s about deepening our promise to always bring our A-game. With Tori joining us, we’re not just expanding our team—we’re enhancing our ability to support your business and ambitions with an even richer blend of expertise and enthusiasm. Her experience adds a layer of seniority that directly translates into higher-quality services for you.

Meet Tori Stewart

We are excited to introduce Tori Stewart, our new tax manager in Brisbane. Tori is a Chartered Accountant with more than five years of experience in the accounting industry and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Science (Extended Mathematics) from the University of Queensland.

Having worked for mid-tier accounting firms in Brisbane since 2018, Tori has gained invaluable experience with a diverse range of clients and business problems. What sets her apart from others is her unique ability to understand and tackle the specific challenges that arise in different industries. She adapts her approach to the specific needs of each client, making her a true asset to any team. We’re thrilled to have her expertise in our Brisbane office!

When she’s not working, Tori enjoys skiing or snowboarding, playing netball, reading a good book or travelling to explore new cities.

Tori’s Vision and Role

“My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the Brisbane office and use this to improve efficiencies in systems and processes,” says Tori. As Tax Manager, Tori will be the go-to for keeping our Brisbane team and workflow on track, not to mention building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Bringing Tori into our team is more than just a win for us, it’s a win for our clients in Brisbane too. We’re all about providing high-quality services, powered by an accounting team that’s experienced, dedicated and above all passionate about helping their clients succeed. With Tori’s fresh energy and expertise, we’re more ready than ever to tackle whatever financial challenges or obstacles may arise.

Looking For Business Advice?

Our new and existing Carbonites are a testament to our commitment to you. By expanding our team and expertise, we aim to be the one-stop solution for all your business and personal financial needs. We’re all about bringing you value—ensuring you find everything you need in one place, backed by the high-quality service you can trust. As we grow, our primary goal remains: to support businesses like yours in every financial aspect. Get in touch with our accountants in Brisbane today.