Haydon Kinnaird, directed by Barry Haydon and Mark Kinnaird, has offered accounting, tax, financial planning, finance and lending services to clients in Perth and WA since 2004.  

Both Barry and Mark share Carbon Group’s commitment to helping business owners build and grow their business. 

“Having worked with business owners and individuals for over 30 years, it was very important to both Mark and I that we partnered with a firm who shared our passion. We found that in Carbon Group,” Barry Haydon, Haydon Kinnaird Director.  

As a firm that offered accounting, tax, financial planning, finance and lending services, Haydon Kinnaird provided thorough advice for their business clients. With their new access to Carbon Group’s full suite of services, which includes bookkeeping, business services, insurance, payroll, R&D and grants, their clients will enjoy the benefits that come from working with a multi-service firm. 

“The service we provide clients at Haydon Kinnaird is our highest priority, as it is at Carbon Group. Being able to expand on our offering to include the additional services that Carbon Group offer is very exciting,” Mark Kinnaird, Haydon Kinnaird Director. 

Haydon Kinnaird is a firm that has a focus on quality service for local businesses, and this will be maintained following this partnership. The full team will relocate to Carbon Group’s head office in Osborne Park, only a short distance from their previous office. 

The Osborne Park team of Carbonites were very eager to welcome our newest Carbonites to the fold: Brett, Robert, Clair and Georgie.  

For Carbon Co-Founder Nathan Hood, this partnership is an exciting venture. 

“We’re very pleased to welcome Barry, Mark and the rest of the team to Carbon. It’s always exciting to partner with people who share the same values, and whose passion lies in helping their clients achieve success in their business journey.”  

With this big win so early in the financial year, it makes us excited about what’s to come for the next 12 months! 

If you’re interested in how your firm could partner with Carbon, please get in touch.