In order to help businesses have a strong recovery on the other side of public health restrictions amidst the latest lockdown in Victoria, the Victorian Government made an announcement on 16 July with new cash support for businesses. 

The Victorian Government explained there will be cash support in the form of automatic payments made to eligible businesses and sole traders across the state to reduce delays and ensure money quickly makes its way into the pockets of the businesses who need it most. 

Up to 90,000 businesses that have and will receive payments through the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund and Business Costs Assistance Program relating to the May-June lockdown will receive the Victorian Government’s new support payments of $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. 

Payments are due to commence over the course of next week – with total funding of $201.8 million. Eligible businesses will include restaurants, cafes bars, event suppliers, tourism and accommodation providers and non-essential retailers. 

Find out more via the Premier of Victoria’s website and official announcement here. 

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